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__/ Quote for the Week
__/ Running Network TV: Gary Morgan Reports From the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in. L.A.
__/ Desi Makes Her Second Team; Dathan Does Not Finish

__/ Results: U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Marathon.  Qualifiers & Michigan Athletes
__/ 4th Groundhog Day Marathon, or was it the Fifth? - With Scott Sullivan
__/ Rupp, Cragg, Keflezighi, Linden, Ward, Flanagan Prevail in USA Olympic Trials Marathon

__/ Kona Releases its 2016 Race Video Schedule
__/ Mr. Ubiquitous Reports: Running USA, Olympic Trials (Feb.10-13, 2016)
__/ Michigan Runner Columnist Rachael Steil's Blog

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__/ Michigan Runner Race Series 2016
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Quote for the Week
"So slight she seems to disappear inside a baggy sweatshirt, with striking, angular features Modigliani would have loved to paint and a low, throaty laugh that often punctuates a self-deprecating remark, [Desi] Davila [Linden] shows how deceiving appearances can be."
-- Bonnie D. Ford, ESPN Senior Writer

Running Network TV: Gary Morgan Reports From the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in. L.A.
Alberto Salazar
    Alberto Salazar, coach of Marathon Trials winner, Galen Rupp
Kara Goucher
    Visibly Crushed by her fourth place finish
Desi Linden
    Watching Desi Linden's second place finish was riveting.
Meb Keflezighi's  Coach Bob Larsen
    Bob Larsen has been with Meb a long time and was never worried
Meb Keflezighi    
    Just like old man river Meb Keflezighi keeps rolling on.
Galen Rupp
    Men's Marathon Winner
Amy Cragg
    Women's Marathon Winner    
Jared Ward
    3rd in the USA Olympic Trials Marathon
Desi Makes Her Second Team; Dathan Does Not Finish, photo by Victah Sailer /
Amy Cragg and Desi Linden    

The U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Marathon in Los Angeles on Saturday were another day of happy and sad-- happy for Desi's second and a place on the team; sad for Dathan's DNF and not making what could have been his fourth team.  We had similar thoughts in Houston four years ago (Desi second; Dathan fourth) and in New York eight years ago (Dathan second, Brian Sell third, Ryan Shay's death).
    We do want to point out Michigan State's Walt Drenth as an important figure in the success of Amy Cragg (formerly Hastings) and Desi Linden (formerly Davila).  He coached both Olympians at Arizona State University during their college years.
    These articles have interesting insights about Desi, Amy and Coach Drenth:

She Can Do It (About Desi), by Bruce Barcott (December 28, 2011)

Desi Davila, I Know I'm Ready, by Bonnie D. Ford (April 25, 2012)

Results: U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Marathon.  Qualifiers & Michigan Athletes
photo by Victah Sailer /

Dathan Ritzenhein

 1.        Amy Cragg,             2:28:20        $80,000
 2.     Desiree Linden,        2:28:54         65,000
 3.     Shalane Flanagan,    2:29:19         55,000
15.      Melissa White,         2:39:57
28.      Katie Kellner,         2:43:41
35.      Dot McMahan,        2:44:19
64.      Lavenna Kubatzky,     2:49:31
66.      Laura Portis,         2:49:53
75.      Melanie Brender,     2:51:27
106.     Courtney Brewis,    2:56:51
112.     Jen Rock,             2:57:45
127.     Nicole Michmerhuizen,     3:02:27
134.     Nora Colligan,        3:07:33
136.     Dani Miller,         3:07:41

 1.     Galen Rupp,     2:11:12 DB        $80,000
 2.     Meb Keflezighi, 2:12:20 NR 40+      65,000
 3.     Jared Ward,     2:13:00             55,000
15.     Jake Riley,        2:18:31
22.         Mike Morgan,    2:20:59
23.     Nathan Martin,    2:21:27
34.     Stephan Shay,    2:23:46
51.     Matthew Fecht,    2:27:28
58.     Zachary Ripley,    2:28:01
49.     Paul Petersen,    2:27:24
62.     Mohamed Hrezi,    2:28:24
64.     Bobby Curtis,    2:29:04
82.     Alan Peterson,    2:33:31
90.        Luke Humphrey,     2:36:12
DNF: Dathan Ritzenhein (calf cramps/last split 1:43:31 at 20.2 miles), Brendan Gregg

4th Groundhog Day Marathon, or was it the Fifth? - With Scott Sullivan
by Art McCafferty
Scott Sullivan, sans overcoat and mittens, made his report on the annual Grand Rapids Groundhog Day Mararthon from the warm confines of the Pearl St. Grill in downtown Grand Rapids.  But rather than wax on about the race, let the video do the work.

Rupp, Cragg, Keflezighi, Linden, Ward, Flanagan Prevail in USA Olympic Trials Marathon
By Chris Lotsbom, photo by Victah Sailer /

Galen Rupp, Meb Keflezighi, Jared Ward

(c) 2016 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved

LOS ANGELES (12-Feb) -- On a day that will be remembered for the harsh wrath of mother nature and its crippling heat, Galen Rupp and Amy Hastings ran their way to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics here at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon. Rupp booked his ticket in dominating fashion, cruising to win his debut marathon in 2:11:12, while Cragg completed a pulse-pounding, drama-filled race in 2:28:20.


With temperatures soaring into the mid-70s and a blistering sun overhead, Galen Rupp ran confidently in the first marathon of his career. As he so often does on the track, the 29-year-old Nike Oregon Project athlete tucked himself into the lead pack for the first ten miles, conserving as much energy as possible. Pre-race, Rupp donned an ice vest, special cooling mittens, and a white hat. Water-soaked towels and an intentionally cut-up uniform provided the best relief as he pounded the pavement alongside America's best marathoners.

Splitting the half-marathon in a conservative 1:06:31, it was evident that no one wanted to test the conditions or the experienced field. Meb Keflezighi, attempting to make his fourth Olympic team, ran with poise, while debutante Diego Estrada pushed with exuberance. Dathan Ritzenhein, sporting the same white Nike kit as Rupp, looked content striding with the group of 20.

It was 2013 USA marathon champion Tyler Pennel who was first to surge at 25-kilometers, aggressively stringing out the field in swift fashion. The only athletes to respond were Rupp and Keflezighi, chasing down Pennel as they traversed the twisting section through the University of Southern California's campus.

"Tyler made that race. To make that move was a deciding factor," said Keflezighi. "You always know that when five guys go, three guys go, one's going to falter."

After a 4:47 17th mile, Pennel came face to face with the marathon's cruel hand. Hitting a rough patch, he'd fade out of the picture and ultimately to fifth place at the finish (2:14:57). That left Keflezighi and Rupp.

The next to face troubles was the 40 year-old Keflezighi, dealing with cramping and stomach issues. He also faced the nagging distraction of Rupp clipping his heels.

"It's not a track; the road is open," Keflezighi recalls telling Rupp during the race. "It was not a very friendly conversation."

A 4:47 split for mile-23 gave Rupp a clear lead, one that he'd build upon throughout the course's final 6-mile lap. Breaking the tape with an explosive fist pump, Rupp finished first in 2:11:12. He became the first to win the U.S. Olympic Trials in his debut marathon, and like his coach Alberto Salazar, tasted victory in his debut marathon.

"I'm just thrilled with the way the race went. It's a tremendous honor to be able to represent this country at the Olympic Games," Rupp told reporters.  "I'm just thrilled with the outcome of this.  To cross the line first, it was definitely difficult out there. There were a lot of great competitors and it was a tough race."

Behind Rupp an enthusiastic Keflezighi came down the final stretch waving an American flag and pumping his fist with ferocity, celebrating his runner-up 2:12:20 finish. The 23-time USA champion, a father of three, was motivated to finish on the podium for his three daughters, Sara, Fiyori and Yohana, and wife Yordanos.  The family hugged just beyond the finish line.

The third and final Olympic spot went to Jared Ward, the defending national champion from Provo, Utah. He'd collapse to the ground a step across the line in 2:13:00. The conditions had taken their toll, yet couldn't wipe the smile off Ward's face.

"You know, coach (Ed Eyestone) was a tough runner," said Ward. "We train really, really fit and we run tough. At the end of the race, its tough. And, at the end of a hot marathon like that, it's the faces of my family, those people who I love, those who have invested so much in my athletic journey, that are out there popping into my face over those last 600 (meters). And trying to run like a horse and not die."

Finishing in the dreaded fourth position was Luke Puskedra in 2:14:12.

Looking ahead, Rupp confirmed his intentions to compete at next month's IAAF World Indoor Championships (should he qualify), as well as the U.S. Olympic Track Trials. At the latter competition he will attempt to qualify for Rio de Janeiro in the 5000m and 10,000m. Rupp has until July 11 to decide what events to run at the Olympics, so long he finishes in the top three in Eugene.

"The first job obviously was to qualify for this," Rupp said. "I think doubling the way the schedule is is definitely a real possibility. I think the 10,000m still might be my better event. I don't know. This is kind of an interesting build-up."

In ten years, fans will likely look back at today's race and remember the dominant fashion of Rupp's victory, as well as Keflezighi's epic swan song. But the event will also be remembered for the carnage that took out some of the best runners in America. Among those to drop out were Dathan Ritzenhein, Diego Estrada, and Sam Chelanga; both Estrada and Chelanga were making their marathon debuts.


With three miles left in her second U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon, Amy Cragg had an important decision to make: stay back and rally her struggling teammate Shalane Flanagan, or charge ahead and try for victory. Cragg did a little bit of both, keeping Flanagan focused on the task at hand before powering away to the win. What resulted was a meaningful moment.

"It was a huge relief," Hastings told Race Results Weekly speaking both about her win and Flanagan's finish. "Now I just hope she's OK."

For 21 miles the women's race looked like a Bowerman Track Club training run in Portland, Ore., with Flanagan and Cragg covering step by step together far out front. Building a lead of more than a minute, the pair looked poised for a convincing victory. Thoughts of Kenny Moore and Frank Shorter's tie at the 1972 Trials came to mind -- could the pair cross the finish as one, sharing the glory?

Those visions vanished on the final six-mile loop. Flanagan, who appeared fine for much of the race, suddenly turned bright red. Cragg watched her best friend hit the marathon's wall head on, and became increasingly worried about her well-being.

Earlier in the race, Flanagan had provided verbal support for a hurting Cragg, assuring her that they'd work together to make sure both could be 2016 Olympians. Now it was Cragg's turn to return the favor.

Looking in Flanagan's direction step after step, Cragg barked words of encouragement. The pace slowed to a crawling 6:05 split between mile 24 and 25, with Cragg refusing to leave Flanagan's shoulder. Together they'd make it within two kilometers of the finish, all the while a fast-closing Desiree Linden came into the picture.

Cragg left Flanagan behind only after turning around to see Linden and Kara Goucher approaching. Her husband Alistair Cragg screamed what the gap was from the sidelines, furthering her decision to go. She did so with hesitancy at first.

"It was incredibly tough [to leave Shalane]," Hastings told RRW. "I was so nervous for her at that point. She didn't look good, she just didn't look good. I was really nervous."

Rebounding from a heart-breaking fourth place finish at the 2012 Trials, Cragg cranked the tempo up a notch and won going away in 2:28:20. A second after celebrating, she turned to see if Flanagan could make it.

Despite losing a spot to Linden, Flanagan would qualify for her fourth Olympic team by finishing third in 2:29:19. In a television interview with NBC, Flanagan described Cragg as a saving grace.

"She is the epitome of what a best friend is," Flanagan told Lewis Johnson, slightly slurring her words with a bag of ice on her neck. "Sweet Baby Jesus I'm so thankful for that."

Flanagan sought medical attention following the race, and was unable to speak to the media at the race's press conference. She did speak with USATF's Jill Geer, who relayed the following message from Flanagan:

"That was the hardest marathon I've probably run in terms of the last six miles being the hardest. I just got done getting an I.V. I've never had one of those before. Clearly it took it's toll on me today and I had to fight to just make the team. I can only say it was just the heat, but I think I need to work on better fluid for the heat and conditions. I'll have to work on that for Rio as well."

Linden's finish was also meaningful considering her first Olympics were cut short when she dropped out of the race due to injury.

"That was the toughest 26.2 ever," said Linden, whose time was 2:28:54. "It was absolutely a grind out there. It was a mental battle... It worked out. I just stayed tough and kept looking up, and am super happy to be on another team. You can't take these teams for granted at all. I'm thrilled to get to put on another USA uniform."

Fourth place went to an emotional Kara Goucher, running tough all the way through the finish in 2:30:24. Finishing fifth for the second consecutive Marathon Trials was Janet Bawcom (2:31:14), and Kellyn Taylor was sixth (2:32:50).  The top-5 women were the same as in the 2012 Trials in Houston, with the order revised.  Bawcom was fifth in both races.

A total of 166 men and 198 women started the USA Olympic Marathon Trials, with only 105 and 149 finishing, respectively.

Kona  Releases its 2016 Race Video Schedule
The Kona Running Company will be offering video as part of its amenity package to the participants of the new Cheesecake Run on April 17th along with the Wicked Halloween Run on Sunday, October 30 and the Kona Chocolate Run on November 20.

Mr. Ubiquitous Reports: Running USA, Olympic Trials (Feb.10-13, 2016)
Gary Morgan, aka Mr. Ubiquitous, reports:

Hello every one, exciting week in Los Angeles:

Wednesday February 10
    Early morning flight to John Wayne airport in Orange, County, south of Los Angeles. Flew to this airport instead of LAX because I had been asked to do a presentation that fell through.  I improvised, rented a car and drove up to LA for the Running USA conference. As I drive into downtown LA, it becomes a new experience.  For all the times I've been to Southern California, I had never gone to downtown LA. Up until the last ten years it was billed as a homeless, crime-ridden downtown. Like most big cities in America, including Detroit, they have become places to work, play and live in. I park my car and walk to the Westin Bonaventure hotel where the conference was being held. As I walked a few blocks I could see how exciting and dynamic downtown Los Angeles has become. People were everywhere dressed in business attire, new buildings going up, and street cafes were along major streets. I competed in the 1984 Olympic Trials and at the Coliseum and I didn't come close to downtown since everyone said it was a dump. Time changes everything.
I check into the conference and there's a large contingent of M ichigan  people here. Barb Benage, Matt Scapalow, from the Detroit Free Press Marathon, Playmakers staff, Crim Racing staff, Nancy Smith, Joe Baldwin, Jordan Desilets with Run Signup and Doug Kurtis. Michigan is always represented at running events around the country. The expo had lots of registration companies and shirt companies along with whatever else can be used in the world of running.  That evening the Hall of Champions dinner was held. People were inducted into the Running USA Hall of Fame. Then the Northern Arizona Elite Running team received a nice check from Running USA to further their program of helping runners achieve their goals. Northern Arizona elite had a few athletes competing at the trials. Plus, a lot of distance runners train in Northern Arizona.

Thursday, February 11
    Up at 6 am for the Running USA morning run at 6:30 am. It was a 2.8 mile run around town that included a pass by the Staples Center and the convention center where the Olympic Marathon Trials start and finished. As we did that run it made me think about my walk around town the night before and saw the Los Angeles Philharmonic Theatre and other spectacular landmark buildings around the city center. This city is truly on the rise. At the end of the run, we received a t-shirt from Leslie Jordan and a medal from Ashworth awards. This is what we pay our $725 registration fee for. Conferences are big money makers.
    Went to the Opening Ceremony and Rich Harshnarger started with a keynote speech. Next there was a speaker who talked about the millenials and what they want out of running. It came from a study conducted over the past year. It was interesting to hear what our next generation of runners want out of this sport. Next were breakout sessions. I went to the one on "Selling Race Merchandise." It was very interesting and Doug Thurston of the Big Sur Marathon was the moderator. Then there was the luncheon and they awarded the best kids running program they knew of.
    I headed out the door after lunch and walked a mile to the JW Marriot for the Opening Press Conference of the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. After the dignitaries spoke (the mayor, race director, and USATF CEO) the athletes came. Shalane Flanagan and Meb Keflezighi who won the trials four years ago were front and center. They both seemed ready to race. Next came up Desi Linden and Luke Puskedra. Desi trained in Florida the last 6 weeks and Luke trained in his house in Oregon by turning up the heat to 80 degrees. Everyone has their own training regimen.  Hiked back to Westin hotel to finish off the day's Running USA events.  That evening a group dinner was hosted by Run Signup. I'm impressed with Run Signup as they have a lot of new ideas and it seems to be resonating with the running community as they keep growing every year.  Called it night after that since I had another early run the next morning.
Friday February 12
    Another 6 am start as we did the same 2.8 mile route. Running in the center of the city doesn't give you a lot of options. Plus all the people driving don't like to be disrupted by runners making them sit longer at lights as more than 200 of us go by.
We all get another medal, t-shirt and breakfast burrito. Another general session was held on Olympic Marketing. That was very informative. Then a luncheon and the women's trailblazing award was given out. I went back over to the JW Marriot to interview some more athletes at the press conference. Nick Arciniaga and Amy Cragg, who placed 4th at the 2012 marathon Olympic Trials, were among those whom I nterviewed.

    Went next door to the convention center and picked up my bib for the Skechers LA Marathon. Chris Uzinski, race director and owner of Running Flat from Windsor, Canada and Detroit came to the expo with me. Picked up my number and shirt, then went through expo. The expo overall was great. Had a guest speaker while we were there, giveaways, Skechers towel, food giveaways plus some new interesting products. I interviewed a company called Lumo Run which has a small device you put on your running shorts to help with stride rate and a pile of other things for $79. Reasonable price for information on your daily run.
Back to Westin for a breakout session on "Saturation of Races." This was great to hear a few comments on this. A race director from a Color Run was there. Many of the race directors complained that their numbers were lower and brought up races like the Color Runs. Truth about all of this is that races like color runs are putting on races people want to do. Also, it's up to the cities of whom they let in and conduct races. It's a free market and city voters can vote council members out. One race director said that races need to step up their game and put on events people like. Number one complaint I hear is that races cost much money. Race directors don't want to hear that especially from millenials. Many are in low paying jobs. Truth is we're in the same boat as the oil producers. To many people with little money, chasing too many events and not enough to pay production costs.  Economics are the same for every product.
    The closing reception for Running USA was on the roof top of the Westin. The evening was perfect for a closing reception.  Everyone had fun with drinks and hors d'oeuvres, talking about the conference and watching Olympic Trials the next day.

Saturday February 13
    Didn't have to get up before the sunrise this morning. Did a nice run/walk around the city before the big Olympic Trials. Walked down to the start area around 9 am for the 10:06 start time. Lots of spectators were there. I see a few people I know, say hello and keep on looking for a spot to watch the start. I finally situated myself on the start line and got a birds eye view of the start. The men's race went off at 10:06, the women's race at 10:22.  With over 150 runners in each race it was an exciting event to watch and there were always runners to see. The course was a 2 mile loop downtown and a 6 mile loop all the way to the USC campus and the Olympic coliseum.
    Like most marathons there was a pack in the front in both races. I walked up to the Coliseum where I competed in the Olympic Trials in 1984 in the 20k walk. This is the first time I've been back to the coliseum in 32 years. Life goes by like a rocket. Back now reporting on it and wishing young runners all the best in the world to make the team. Brought back a lot of memories of being in front of the collie drum competing and watching those trials back then. Didn't make the team then, finished 17th that day. Four years later I won the trials and went to Seoul Korea for the Olympics. I saw Amy Cragg and Shalane Flanagan in the women's race with a big lead. Desi Linden was in 6th place running her perfect pace. Men came by with Meb an Galen Rupp having a commanding lead. Walked back to the finish just as Jared Ward crossed the line for third. Saw all the women finish. Shalane Flanagan was over-heating as she finished in third place. It was ice and wheelchair time for her. Interviewed Alberto Salazar, Galen's coach, and Bob Larson, Meb's coach. Plus I got a few words with Kara Goucher, women's fourth place finisher; she was very emotional in the interview. Went to the press conference where the top three in both races showed up except Shalane-- Amy Cragg, Desi Linden, Galen Rupp, Meb Keflezighi, and Jared Ward. Shalane Flanagan was still recovering from the race. That's our Olympic Marathon team. It was interesting how they all raced and made the team. They each had different strategies yet those individual strategies got them on the team. There was even some bumping between Meb and Galen during which Meb told Galen, "This isn't the track; the road is open."
    We all laughed as Galen walked in late for the press conference. In the heat of the battle people say and do whatever it takes. There was a congratulatory response to Meb for making his fourth Olympic team and representing America in the marathon world from all the other athletes. When your peers respect and honor you, you've done the right things in life. Meb is a phenomenal person.
    Then there was the team picture and the press conference was over. Late that afternoon I walked by the Staples Center and checked out the statues of the Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Jerry West, all LA Lakers superstars, and Luc Robitalle and Wayne Gretzky, LA Kings superstars. Plus, I saw all the Grammy stars are on the sidewalk on the way to the convention center for another look at the Skechers marathon expo. Saw a few things I hadn't seen before.
    Then we went to a U Can press conference and reception for Meb and then to a Brooks reception for Desi. Couple of nice honors and receptions for Meb and Desi. I finally called it a night by 7 pm with my friends. Got our cars from the parking lots and drove over to Santa Monica to stay for the night. We were all running the LA marathon the next day. We figured we could get a ride to the start and when we finished in Santa Monica we could go into the sea and not back to the city.
    What a fantastic day and to be able to report on it is pretty cool. Brings back lots of memories from my competitive days.
I'll tell all of you about the marathon and some of the behind-the-scene items next week.

    California Dreaming,
    Gary Morgan
    Mr Ubiquitous
Michigan Runner Columnist Rachael Steil's Blog
Check out Rachael Steil's wonderful blog

Rachael is writing a book: "Running in Silence" and her posts, dating from December 2012 are about college running, overcoming an eating disorder, making friends through running and much more.  

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Wicked Halloween 10K, Plymouth - October 30 - SE


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        2nd= 20
        3rd= 10
Master (age 40-40)
        1st= 15
        2nd= 10
        3rd=  5
Age-Graded Senior (age 50 and up)
        1st= 3
        2nd= 2
        3rd= 1

Fifth Third River Bank Run & Crim:
Open (up to age 39)
        1st= 50
        2nd= 25
        3rd= 15
Master (age 40-40)
        1st= 30
        2nd= 20
        3rd= 10
Age-Graded Senior (age 50 and up)
        1st= 6
        2nd= 4
        3rd= 2

Ten best finishes count for Michigan Runner of the Year. If someone
runs more than ten races, the ones with the fewest points involved are dropped.
Michigan Runner January / February 2016 Issue - Online Now

Michigan Runner January / February 2016
The Michigan Runner January / February 2016 issue is online now.

Event Calendar
        29    January / February 2016 Events

Features and Departments
        6    Editor’s Notes: Satori in Dowagiac    
            By Scott Sullivan
        7    Letter to the Editor
        8    Michigan Runner of the Year: Lisa Veneziano   
            By Charles Douglas McEwen   
        10    Slow Parents of Fast Kids   
            By Dean Johnson
        10    Michigan Runner Race Series 2016    
        12    Male Open Runner of the Year: Nick Stanko  
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        13    Beyond the Chip: Catching Up  
            By Ian Forsyth
        14    Female Runners of the Year: Dot McMahan and Sarah Boyle    
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        15    Runners Save a Life at the 2014 Turkey Trot    
            By Heather Dyc Hanks
        20    Male Masters Runner of the Year: Rob Hyde    
            By Ron Marinucci
        20    Hall Honors Kozloff with Pillars Award   
            By Tracey Cohen
        21    Female Masters Runner of the Year: Betsy Frens    
            By Ron Marinucci    
        23    Senior Male Runner of the Year:  Brian Olsen  
             By Ron Marinucci
        24    Dave Foley Wins MITCA’s Kermit Ambrose Award   
        24    Book Review: Natural Born Heroes    
            By Dave Foley    
        25    Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard
        26    Contributor of the Year: Scott Hubbard    
            By Dave Foley
        28    My Name Is . . . and I Am a Runner    
            By Jason Elmore
        34    Running with Tom Henderson

At the Races
        7    Speedsters Soar Amid Turkeys, Reindeer for Thanksgiving Wins   
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        9    Swain Proves She’s No Punk, Molony Repeats at GR   
            By Michael Zuidema
        12    Classic Draws All Ages to Tackle Turf   
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        16    Sandhill Crane Runs Soar Past Where Pavement Ends   
            By Scott Sullivan
        18    Favorites Prevail at Prep L.P. Final Meet   
            By Scott Sullivan
        22    Vasa Races Explore Wild, Beautiful Terrain   
            By Mickey Fivenson
        22    Red October Run Marks 25 Years    
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        23    Zombie 5K is Right-Brain Blast     
            By Mickey Fivenson      
        26    Gouls in Guise Enjoy Run Scream Run  
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        27    Monster Turnout Descends on Wicked Halloween Runs  
             By Charles Douglas McEwen

Online Photo Gallery
        3    Dances with Dirt
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios                        
        4    Falling Waters Trail Run
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios    
        4    EMU Fall Classic
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios        
        5    Defeat Depression Dash
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        6    Headless Horseman 5K
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        8    MHSAA LP Cross Country Finals
            Photos by Carter Sherline & Scott Sullivan
        12    Ann Arbor Turkey Trot
            Article by Tracey Cohen; Photo by Carter Sherline    
        13    Kona Chocolate Run
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        14    Centaur Team Euro-Style 8K Cross Country Race
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        16    Grand Blanc Chocolate 5K
            Article by Tracey Cohen; Photo by Carter Sherline
        17    Strategic Staffing Solutions Turkey Trot, Detroit
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        17    Michigan Beer Mile
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
         18    Ann Arbor Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot
            Photo and article by Tracey Cohen    
         19    Fantasy 5K
             Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        19    Gobbler Gallop, Milford
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        20    Ann Arbor Track Club Winter Mini-Meet
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        20    Jingle Jog, Fenton
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        21    YMCA Santa Run
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios    

Race Calendar - February - March 2016
Thursday, February 18, 2016    
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,
*    Michigan Indoor Track Series, track & field, Ypsilanti, 6:45 pm, Eastern Michigan,

Saturday, February 20, 2016    
*    Gazelle Sports / New Balance Elite 3200, 3200meterR, track & field, Allendale, Noon,
*    Michigan Indoor Track Series, track & field, Allendale, Noon, Grand Valley State University,
*    Tahquamenon Snowshoe Race, 10K & 5K sbowshoe, Paradise, 11:00 am, Upper Tahquamenon Falls,

Sunday, February 21, 2016
*    Crazy Run, 5-8MR - training, Ann Arbor, 7:30 am, Huron River Trails,
*    Dirty Herd Trail Run, 4MR, 2MR, Grand Rapids, 4:00 pm, Robinettes Apple Hause,    
*    Dirty Herd Trail Run, 4MR, 2MR, Kalamazoo, 8:00 am, Al Sabo Land Preserve,
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,
*    U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Race Walk, 50KW, Santee, CA,

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,    

Thursday, February 25, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,
Friday, February 26, 2016    
*    Big Ten Indoor Championships - Men & Women - 2 days, track & field meet, Geneva, OH, Spire Institute,    
*    Mid American Conference Indoor Championships - 2 days, track & field, Akron OH,
*    Michigan Indoor Track Series - State Championship - 2 days, track & field: wt, tj, smr, dmr, Grand Rapids, time tba, Aquinas College,    
*    Mid American Conference Indoor Championships - 2 days, track & field meet, Akron, OH, University of Akron,
*    USA Indoor Combined Events Championships - 2 days, track & field meet, Crete, NE,
Saturday, February 27, 2016    
*    Big Ten Indoor Championships - Men & Women - 2 days, track & field meet, Geneva, OH, Spire Institute,    
*    Mid American Conference Indoor Championships - 2 days, track & field, Akron OH,
*    Michigan Indoor Track Series - State Championship - 2 days, track & field, Grand Rapids, time tba, Aquinas College,
Sunday, February 28, 2016
*    Dirty Herd Trail Run, 4MR, 2MR, Grand Rapids, 4:00 pm, Robinettes Apple Hause,    
*    Dirty Herd Trail Run, 4MR, 2MR, Kalamazoo, 8:00 am, Al Sabo Land Preserve,
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,
*    USATF Masters 8 km Championship, 8KR, Brea, CA, 7:30 am, Brea 8K Classic,
Monday, February 29, 2016    
*    Night of the Glow - Leap Year 2016, 4MR/W, Taylor, 6:30 pm, Willow Metro Park,

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Thursday, March 3, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Friday, March 4, 2016
*    USA Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships - 3 Days, Albuquerque, NM, Albuquerque Convention Center,

Saturday, March 5, 2016
*    AAU 14-Under Youth National Indoor Championships - 2 days, Ypsilanti, 9:00 am, Eastern Michigan, Bowen Field House,
*    Ann Arbor Marathon Course Preview, 12MR/W, Ann Arbor, 7:00 am, Espresso Royal, 214 S. Main,
*    APA Pan American Cross Country Cup / NACAC Cross Country Championships, 10KR, 8KR, 6KR, Caraballeda, Venezuaela,

Sunday, March 6, 2016
*    Arnold 5K Pump and Run    5KR, Weight Lifting, Columbus, OH, 9:00 am, Greater Columbus Convention Center,
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,
*    Kona Shamrock Run, 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR, Plymouth, 7:30 am, Kellogg Park,
*    USATF Michigan Open/ Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships, 5000m race walk, 3000m, 60m hurdles, 60m, 800m, 200m, mile run, 400m, Ann Arbor, 10:00 am, U of Michigan Indoor Track Building,

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Thursday, March 10, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Friday, March 11, 2016
*    NCAA Division I Indoor Track and Field Championships - 2 days, Birmingham, AL,

*    NCAA Division II Indoor Track and Field Championships - 2 days, Pittsburgh, KS,

*    NCAA Division III Indoor Track and Field Championships - 2 days, Grinnell, IA,
*    USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Championships - 3 days, Staten Island, NY, Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex,
*    USATF Indoor Track & Field Championships - 2 days, Portland, OR, Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center,

Saturday, March 12, 2016
*    Dances with Dirt - Florida, 50KR, 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, Dade City, FL, 7:00 am, Withlacoochee River Park,
*    USA 15 km Championships    15KR, Jacksonville, FL,

Sunday, March 13, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,
*    Shamrocks and Shenanigans, 5KR/W, kids’ run, Ann Arbor, 9:00 am, Conor O’Neill’s, downtown Ann Arbor,
*    St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown Race, 5KR/W, Detroit, 12:00 pm, Train Station at Michigan Ave. & Vernor,
*    Track Day, Utica / Grosse Pointe, 11:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,

Monday, March 14, 2016
*    Team Playmakers Triathlon Training Team, training 12 or 25 weeks, Okemos, 6:00 pm    Playmakers, 2299 W. Grand River Ave.,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Thursday, March 17, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,
*    IAAF World Indoor Championships - 4 day event, Portland, OR, /
*    Pot O’ Gold 4 Mile Run & Walk, 4 MR/W, kids run, Flint, 5:30 pm, Downtown Flint, /

Saturday, March 19, 2016
*    Bill Roney Memorial 5K, 5KR, 1M kids run, Utica, 10:00 am, Trinity Lutheran Church,

Sunday, March 20, 2016
*    Crazy Run, 5-8 MR, Ann Arbor, 7:30 am, Gallup/Arb,
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,
*    Playmakers Track and Field Spike Night, Okemos, 6:00 pm,
*    Track Day, Royal Oak / Lake Orion, 11:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Thursday, March 24, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Friday, March 25, 2016
*    Kermit Ambrose Huron River Relays - 2 days, track and field, Ypsilanti, Eastern Michigan,

Saturday, March 26, 2016
*    IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, 13.1MR, Cardiff, Great Britain & N.I.,
*    Spring 16 Mile Marathon Training Runm, 4-16 MR, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,

Sunday, March 27, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Thursday, March 31, 2016
*    Ann Arbor Running Company, Saline Spring Preview Invitational, indoor track & field, Ann Arbor, 5:45 pm, U of Michigan indoor track,
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

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