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__/ Jeff Hollobaugh Talks Track, Allen Park Center for the Arts, Saturday, March 5
__/ Hollobaugh’s ‘Mile’ is Useful, Engaging Read, Book Review by Ron Marinucci
__/ Running Network TV: Gary Morgan Reports From the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

__/ Mr. Ubiquitous Reports: LA Marathon, California and Olympic Reunion (Feb.14-21, 2016)
__/ Looking for a Race This Spring or Summer? Check These Out
__/ GLSP  TV  Network - New and Upcoming Shows

__/ Great Performances - Indoor Track and Field
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Jeff Hollobaugh Talks Track, Allen Park Center for the Arts, Saturday, March 5
"Relay" Fred Vanhala alerted us to this special event:

Jeff Hollobaugh
Allen Park Center for the Arts, Allen Park High School, 19001 Champaign, Allen Park, MI
Saturday, March 5
2:00 pm
No Charge (Donations welcome)
Sponsored by Allen Park HS Track & Field and the Allen Park HS Track Alumni

    Jeff Hollobaugh, a 1979 graduate of Allen Park High School, has covered track and field for many years and will be covering his 7th Olympic Games this summer. Jeff also contributes the profile of Michigan Runner magazine's High School Runner of the Year.
    Jeff comes home to discuss his book, "How to Race the Mile," followed by Q&A's on life as a journalist covering the Olympics.
    Jeff's book, "How to Race the Mile" was named "Best Running Book of 2015" by the Track and Field Writers of America.

Hollobaugh’s ‘Mile’ is Useful, Engaging Read, Book Review by Ron Marinucci

How to Race the Mile

First published in Michigan Runner magazine, September/October 2015:

    “How to Race the Mile: Learning Effective Tactics from
    Great Runners and Races” by Jeff Hollobaugh. 327 pp.,
    paperback. $19.99. Mercury-Chronicle Books
    Jeff Hollobaugh is well known to Michigan track and cross country enthusiasts, especially for his writing about those high school sports. In “How to Race the Mile,” he has written a useful and entertaining book for coaches and runners at all levels of competition hoping to improve their racing at the mile and 1500-meter distances.
    “The mile is such an interesting race,” Amanda Eccleston says in the book, “because it’s the perfect combination of speed, endurance, tactics and sometimes pure luck.” With this in mind, Hollobaugh has not written a training manual, but a book that will help milers race this distance (and 1500 meters).
    Practically every aspect of racing the mile is covered here in 13 chapters. Hollobaugh has scoured dozens of mile and 1500-meter races, from the Olympics and national and international championships to the European circuits and NCAA championships, describing how each was won -- or lost -- through the use of tactics. His vivid accounts of these races, some legendary such as Jim Ryun vs. Marty Liquori, are worth the price of the book.
In addition to his depictions, there are comments from coaches and racers themselves on the tactics of the individual races. These include perspectives/interviews with winners who may have employed good tactics to win, those who lost due to poor planning and racing, and those who did better than expected because they ran good tactical races.
There are, as might be expected, conflicting views among the athletes: “Have a race strategy” of “don’t have a race plan”? Regardless, there are lessons to be learned.
Hollobaugh’s purpose is to study the tactics and strategies as a tool for learning. The book is not about setting records in the mile, but about winning and how to race most effectively. “If you need the clock to tell you you just watched a good race, it wasn’t much of a race,” he writes. It’s interesting to note, as he often does, that elite athletes might disagree on the effectiveness of certain tactics, often even in the same race.
    Just about all the tactics that could be used are revealed and dissected. Readers/racers are given much to think about: Front-running? Leading from wire-to-wire? Sitting back and kicking at the end? Surging throughout?
Within each strategy there is more to consider, including what other runners employ in the race. Should a racer have the lead, in effect, with a head start when the kicks begin? Should one push and take an early lead with a fast pace to negate others’ superior kicks? How do racers deal with opponents who employ different and even changing tactics?
Oftentimes once a battle begins, the best-made plans can be thrown away. Hollobaugh recounts many racers’ pre-race plans only to see them foiled by others’ plans, such as getting trapped within a gaggle of runners. How, then, to adapt?
Hollobaugh notes, “The superior kicker will win … most of the time.” That’s the kicker, “most of the time.” He uses races to demonstrate exceptions such as a hard pace early in the race, a strong mid-race kick, and even luck and timing.
Most races he cites feature men, but some key events are women’s races. Although there’s not much on training per se, one key point is made by Francie Larrieu Smith. She advocates practicing race tactics, using drills to prepare when to move and how to adapt plans in races. Former University of Michigan coach Ron Warhurst is shown to be a proponent of similar drills.
    The book is thorough, including indoor racing with smaller tracks and even rabbit-led races. Here’s one spot where Hollobaugh offers his own interesting opinion. “Personally,” he writes, “I’m not a big fan of rabbited races. Throw away the stopwatch, just look at the race and most rabbited races look similar.” He likens such staged events to “more of a time trial than a test of racing skill.”
Many of the racers -- and their comments -- have a Michigan flavor: Warhurst, recent prep record-setter Grant Fisher and his coach Mike Scannell, Paul McMullen, Webb, Kevin Sullivan and Nick Willis among them. There are also many national and international stars and legends included, such as Peter Snell, Noreddine Morcelli, Hicham El Guerrouj, Said Aouita, Glenn Cunningham, Steve Ovett, Sonia O’Sullivan and more.
A set of interesting charts comparing Olympic, world and U.S. best times in the 1500 and mile by decades, sidebars with athletes, and other anecdotes serve to further spice an already well-written and interesting book."

Running Network TV: Gary Morgan Reports From the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in. L.A.
New - Pre-race Press Conferences:    

Dathan Ritzenhein & Robert Curtis
Desi Linden and Luke Puskedra
Shalane Flanagan and Meb Keflezighi
Alberto Salazar
    Alberto Salazar, coach of Marathon Trials winner, Galen Rupp
Kara Goucher
    Visibly Crushed by her fourth place finish
Desi Linden
    Watching Desi Linden's second place finish was riveting.
Meb Keflezighi's  Coach Bob Larsen
    Bob Larsen has been with Meb a long time and was never worried
Meb Keflezighi    
    Just like old man river Meb Keflezighi keeps rolling on.
Galen Rupp
    Men's Marathon Winner
Amy Cragg
    Women's Marathon Winner    
Jared Ward
    3rd in the USA Olympic Trials Marathon
Mr. Ubiquitous Reports: LA Marathon, California and Olympic Reunion (Feb.14-21, 2016)
Gary Morgan, aka Mr. Ubiquitous, reports:

Hello All!
    It was an exciting, fun week in California and here's all the details.

Sunday February  14
    Up at 4 am, left our Santa Monica Hotel at 4:30 am and got a ride to Dodger stadium with a friend of one of my room mates. Rolled into Dodger Stadium parking lot by 5:15 am. It was a little chilly in the hills of Los Angeles. I've never been to Dodger Stadium and it was like walking back in time. This Stadium was built in 1960 and is the third oldest stadium in the country behind Wrigley Field and Fenway Park. The Stadium was opened up to the runners before the marathon start. Took lots of pictures of the field and championship rings seen as memorabilia around the stadium. Also, the stadium walls had pictures of Cy young winners and MVP's in baseball-- really a cool place. As the sun was getting ready to come up at 6:30 am we headed out of the Stadium and got in our corrals since the race started at 7 am. As I headed off to my corral I watched the wheelers take off, along with the hand cyclist right after them. It's always cool to watch the start of a race.  I got in my corral towards the middle of the pack and waited for the start after the National Anthem. The sun was up and the gun went off. 9 minutes later I crossed the start line on my 26.2 mile journey of Los Angeles from Dodger Stadium to the sea in Santa Monica. It was uphill, then downhill out of the parking lot to the streets one mile into the marathon. It was up and down some hills after that in Asian ethnic neighborhoods. It was a warm day, although not as warm as the day before for the Olympic trials. Lots of people were along the course in these areas handing out water and fruit to the runners. Since it was an early Sunday morning it was impressive to see people out cheering us on. At mile 9 the course started it's trek through the Hollywood area. Surprisingly, no spectators were out unless they were getting breakfast at a sidewalk café. I ran the Hollywood half marathon back in 2012 and I remember this area. If you looked up at the right time runners could see the world famous Hollywood sign. I didn't look up at the right time so I missed it. At mile 15 through mile 18 the course started going through Beverly Hills. It was cool running by all the expensive shops you hear about on different media sources. Everything here was clean and well cared for. Movie stars and the like are high maintenance people. Mile 20 went through Westwood and Brentwood. O.J. Simpson came to mind amid the nice homes and country clubs.
    At mile 23 we started our slight descent to Santa Monica and the sea. As I turn the last corner, I could see the finish line over a half mile away. I enjoyed that last part of the race as we ran along Ocean View Park. I could feel the ocean breeze on my face and it was a good feeling. It was pretty cool crossing the finish line knowing that I had run  through lots of different places in LA that I had never been to before. People on the course welcomed us and the aid stations were great. I can say that Los Angeles is ready for another Olympics and I believe they will come here in 2024.
    I picked up my medal and headed over to the beer tent for my complimentary beer that every runner received. As I was enjoying my beverage I ran into a young lady who had a Comrades shirt on. I asked her about it and she said she had run it 5 times. She was from Japan and only ran the LA marathon because she couldn't run the Tokyo marathon. People who had immigrated from all over the world were in that beer tent. Like the New York City Marathon it is a highly  diverse marathon-- people from everywhere. It was the 30th edition of this race and it has moved all over Los Angeles over the years. I don't know the other courses, but I thought this one was great. The Beer Garden closed shop and I walked over to my hotel and crashed for a while. That evening my friends and I walked along the street and checked out Hotel California, the hotel the Eagles sang about in their heyday. Then we walked down the beach and watched the sunset over the Santa Monica pier with all of its amusement rides.
    Went for dinner in a crowded downtown since the weather was great and a Monday holiday kept this town hopping on a Sunday night. As the evening came to close, it goes down as a memorable day in LA as I've had lots of them over the last 46 years of my life. My first time coming to LA was in 1969 when my parents drove the family to Disneyland. I've been here many times since-- vacationing, track meets, Olympic Trials, marathons and lots of other events. Nothing like LA and southern California.
Monday February 15
    It was a leisurely day at the beach with my friends as we walked two miles from Santa Monica to Venice Beach. The 60's still live on at Venice Beach as people from that era still hang out at the beach everyday selling souvenirs or performing musical acts. It's a flea market as the city has space markers down every ten feet for vendors. Wonder what the daily rent price is? The '60's and '70's era is fading and a younger groups are starting to take their places on the beach. There's a world famous muscle gym there. We all took a quick dip in the ocean at Venice Beach. It felt great on a 90 degree day. This is the place to come and experience a bygone era of hanging out at the beach all day. Back at Santa Monica beach there are all kinds of acrobatic swings and poles for people to brush up on their acrobatic skills. It was really cool watching people practice those acrobatic skills. We left there and drove to Costa Mesa along Highway One. We drove through Redondo Beach where I stayed at the Portofino Jnn during my One Lap of America Road Rally back in 1986. Driving by brought back memories. We get to Costa Mesa in Orange County two hours and only 70 miles later. The drive is a scenic one of ocean side cities and occasional ocean views. Dinner then bed time since my friends have a 7 am flight.
Tuesday February 16
    After my friends left that morning I drove to Huntington Beach, surf capital of America. Walked along the beach and watched some surfers, then drove to Oceanside to meet a high school friend I haven't seen in five years. We have lunch on the Oceanside marina, then we go over to the Oceanside beach. This is a really flat, hard-packed sand beach, with lots of runners on the beach. Lots of activity is on this beach with surfers, sun bathers, picnickers and personal watercraft boats from the marina going out to the ocean. I ran up and down the beach for a while and just enjoyed the rest of the day there after my buddy left to go home. Evening came and people stuck around and had fires in the pits along the beach. With warm temperatures people were staying on the beach late into the night. I went to a local hotel and called it a night.

Wednesday February 17
    Leisurely early morning as I get my Starbucks right across from the hotel. Then I headed back to Oceanside since there are lots of things to see and do on that beach. I wrote my Michigan Runner story. As I'm writing it I see a Marine patrol zodiac boat going out to the ocean. Something always happens at the beach. When I finished writing the cold front came through and it was cloudy and 10 degrees cooler. It was cool how it happened-- an inversion where it got really foggy and fog horns were going off. Then 45 minutes later the fog dissipated and it was cloudy and cooler. Weather can change in an instant. I went running on the beach for over an hour. Nothing like beach sand on your feet with salty sea water washing over them. One of the true enjoyments is when humans and nature come together at the sea. That evening I walked out on the pier that goes over a quarter mile out into the sea. At the end of the pier there's a Red Ruby Restaurant. I'm sure during the day the view would be incredible. At night it's really dark except for the occasional oil rig lights. One last thing about this city is the big half Ironman triathlon held here every year. I came and watched one of my friends do it a few years ago. This is a great place to visit and do things. At the base of Camp Pendleton, lots of marines in the city are here, too. Time for me to call it a day.
Thursday February  18
    It was raining in the morning so I packed up and headed for the desert. Drove a little more than  100 miles East to Joshua Tree National Park. As soon as I got over the mountain passes it became sunny.  Get to the park gate and stop at the visitor center. They give me the lowdown on the park and a map. I visited here 25 years ago with a couple of friends in the summer of 1990. This park was established as a national monument, then became a National Park in 1994. I went in the far East Entrance at the city of Twenty Nine Palms. They seem to name things here after biblical names. Joshua Tree got it's name from Morman settlers who encountered these trees on their westward travels. The trees' unique shape reminded them of the biblical story in which Joshua reaches for the sky with his hands in prayer. This is a unique place with a high desert and a low desert.  Mojave desert is the higher one which supports the trees because of occasional rainfall. The Colorado desert is the lower desert and it's dry with lots of sage brush. There are lots of rock formations which are great for climbing on and hiking around which is what I did for a two mile hike. Did a few shorter ones, too. I met an older Korean couple who were originally from Korea and are now living in Eugene, Oregon. It was great taking to them about Seoul and Eugene. You never know who you're going to meet at a National Park. Since there had been a little rain, there was some greenery, including grass in certain sections of the park.
     I left there as the sun was going down and drove 40 miles over to Palm Springs. I get into town and I see a street festival is being held.  A California welcome station told me about this festival. Found a place to park which was hard to do, then walked over to the street festival. There was food, art, music, and tourist information. I bought cooked corn on the cob from a vendor. Started talking to her and she said she was from Windsor, Ontario. Whe moved to Big Bear Mountain, California, in 1979 yet reminisces about growing up in southern Ontario and Michigan. Cooked corn is the best at a street fair. Listened to some music at the local Mexican restaurant. Started a conversation with a local person and they gave me some information on seeing a really cool local spot-- Thousand Palms Oasis outside of town. I walked up and down main street as the street vendors tore down there spots. During the winter they have a street festival every Thursday night. If you're ever here on a Thursday night, stop in. Walking up and down main street I saw I was walking the sidewalk star of fame. Lots of famous entertainment stars were on the sidewalk. Brought back memories from watching them on TV years ago. I remember how famous this city used to be when all the entertainment stars would come here. It reminded me of a mini Las Vegas. This is the first time I've ever been to downtown Palm Springs. I called it a night soon after my walk.

Friday  February 19
    Up at the crack of dawn and out the door from my hotel and went to the local Starbucks. As I drove there I really saw how beautiful this city setup along the mountains with palm trees everywhere. It's a very pretty place. I got my Starbucks and headed to Thousand Palms Oasis preserve 15 miles out of town. It's correct name is Coachella Valley Preserve and it was established in 1985. This was a cool place. Palm trees standing in the middle of the desert as I pull in. I go to the visitor center at 7:30 am and I'm the first visitor of the day. The person working the desk is from Ohio and another lady there is from South Africa. Retired people and volunteer Americore help maintain the park. Americore is a young peoples' stipend group doing projects around America. I see these huge palm trees with stalks hanging down to the ground. They fall off and regrow. The palm trees you see at Palm Springs must be continuously trimmed. There were a couple of ponds these trees were growing around. There must be a deep water spring pushing water up to the surface. I did a three mile hike around the preserve. There are 3700 acres of preserved land. This is really a cool spot and if you're in Palm Springs it's worth the drive out  to check it out. Back on the road to Las Vegas-- 300 miles to get there. As I go back by Palm Springs there were large numbers of wind turbines-- 2700 of them.  This is the largest and oldest wind turbine farm in America. It started in the 1980's and the turbines  can power 300,000 homes at San Gorgonio pass. It's a sight to see and it's amazing.
    I get on I-15 and head straight to Las Vegas. Four hours later I was there. Pulled into the Tropicana Hotel and checked in. This hotel is one of the older hotels on the strip-- built in 1957. Then I went over to register for the Olympic Reunion. I felt excitement with the other Olympians as soon as I registered. We took pictures by the United States Olympic Banner. Then I checked out the memorabilia table with stuff from a variety of Olympics. Among the folks attending were Gary Hall, Olympic Swimmer in 72  along with John Naber, Olympic Swimmer in 76, Miki King, Olympic Diver in 72 along with my Olympic walking roommate in Seoul, Marco Evonik, and Judy Brown, Olympic hurdler in 84 along with so many others. I felt like I was in the Olympic village again. It was awesome. For the next hour I just mixed and mingled with people as they came in. Evening came and we went to the opening reception. It was fun as the mayor came and welcomed us and Willie Banks, triple jump Olympian, accepted. Master of Ceremonies John Naber kept the program going. We were in the Havana room and he said imagine Frank Sinatra singing to us now. Everyone started laughing. So much to talk about in this room as Olympians were here from the 1948 Olympics. Harrison Dillard, hurdler, was the oldest Olympian there, at 93 years old. Over 300 Olympians were here celebrating this reunion. For three hours we talked, took pictures and just had an awesome time.

Saturday February  20
    Up early and did my 5 mile run-walk past the McLaren airport. At least when you go out early there aren't a whole lot of people on the sidewalks so you can keep moving. Plus, it was nice to see the sunrise rays strike the mountains. I was back at 7 am as the breakfast started. When we finished breakfast every Olympian went on stage and stated their name, sport, and what year they competed in the Olympics. With over 300 Olympians it took a little while to go through all of us. As we walked off the stage we received a nice gift of a glass globe and a small glass pedestal to put it on. That was pretty cool. There were a lot of '84 Olympians from track: Judy Brown, Willie Banks, Carol Lewis-- just to name a few. Of course, with so many sports and so many athletes over the years, you can never keep up with all of them. After breakfast we all watched the documentary called rpa'as, Renaissance Period of African American's in sports. It was about the 9 African American athletes including Jesse Owens who won Olympic medals at the 1936 Olympics. It was a fantastic film. Then there was a panel of Olympians including Jackie Joyner, Bob Beamon, Edwin Moses, John Carlos, and Harrison Dillard. The audience participated in a great discussion on this film. That afternoon athletes from the respective years in which they competed had a roundtable discussion of their Olympic experience and what has happened in our lives since. I was on the 1988 team and being in Korea was the big topic. It was great to hear other athletes' experiences after all these years. I also sat in on the 1980 Olympic years' team to find out how they felt about not going to Moscow. After all these years there's still a lot of hurt, yet they have all moved on and had good lives since. John Moffet, a swimmer, is currently working on a documentary on the boycotted 1980 Olympics. Hopefully he will get the funding to make it happen. I also did a video saying a few words about my Olympic experience. That evening we had our gala dinner and everyone got dressed up for the big event. Scott Blackman, CEO of the Olympic Committee, came all the way from Lillehammer, Norway from the youth Olympics to be here.  After dinner all the Olympians went on stage again and said our name, sport and year again. We received a nice Olympic coin to commemorate the reunion. We moved very quickly. I met a bunch of the volleyball players from different Olympics. Misty May, beach volley ball, was there and her father was there, too. He was a 1968 Olympian in volleyball. He taught her well. I sat with a few track members of the 1968 Olympic team. It was an exciting evening. There was an after-glow party that lasted until midnight. What a phenomenal Olympic Day.

Sunday  February 21
   The last day of the reunion ended with a nice breakfast. Then there was a film presenting the LA 2024 bid that showed what Los Angeles could be like in 2024. and imagining what it would be like having the Olympics again in Los Angeles. The US Olympians and Paralypians are committed to supporting Olympic efforts and securing the 2024 Olympics for Los Angeles. What a great way to end the Reunion.  For another hour we talked among ourselves and said our last goodbyes until the next time when we meet.
    I drove back to Los Angeles and took the Midnight plane home. What a fantastic 11 days in California and Las Vegas. This is what it will be like when Los Angeles gets the 2024 Olympics.

    Dream for the LA 2024 Olympics,
    Gary Morgan
    Mr Ubiquitous
Looking for a Race This Spring or Summer? Check These Out, by Art McCafferty
** March **
Ann Arbor Marathon
Kona Shamrock Run

** April
Let's Move Festival of Races

** May
Borgess 10K
Rite Aid Dleveland Marathon
Novi Half Marathon
Meijer LPGA 5K
North Mitten Half Marathon
Pantanel 5K

** June
Dexter - Ann Arbor
Plymouth YMCA Father's Day Run
Diermer Family of Races
Kona Strawberry Run

** July
Manistee Firecracker 5K
National Cherry Festival
Waugoshance Trail Marathon

** August
UA Plumbers and Pipefitters 5K

** September
Run Wild for the Detorit Zoo
Spartan Invitational
Mt. Baldhead Challenge
Milford Labor Day 30K
Kensington Challenge
Brooksie Way

** October
Red October Run
Run for Wine
Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon
Sandhill Crane
Wicked Halloween Run
Detroit Free Press Marathon

** November
Run of the Dead
The Great Beerd Run
Big Bird Run
Kona Chocolate Run
SSS Turkey Trot
GLSP  TV  Network - New and Upcoming Shows

New York Midnight New Year's Run, New York, NY
North American International Auto Show, Detroit, MI
Chevron Houston Marathon, Houston, TX
Miami Marathon Race Weekend, Miami, FL

U.S. Amateur Championship at Oakland Hills,  Preview, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Ground Hog Marathon, Grand Rapids, MI
The Pipers Open the West Michigan Golf Show, Grand Rapids, MI
Pine Cone Accommodations - Golf and Lodging in Gaylord, MI
Michaywe Golf Course in Gaylord - Lessons, Caddies and Golf, Gaylord, MI
U.S. Marathon Trials, Los Angeles, CA
Upcoming Shows:

    West Michigan Golf Show, Grand Rapids, Mi
    Michigan Golf Show, Novi, MI
    Let's Move Festival of Races, Mt. Clemens, MI
    Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, Cleveland, OH
    Fifth Third River Bank Run.  Grand Rapids, Mi
    Mackinac Island Golf, Mackinac Island, MI
    MWGA 30th Anniversary, Red Run CC. Royal Oak, MI
    Dexter- Ann Arbor Run, Dexter & Ann Arbor, MI
    Western Junior Championship , Red Run CC, Royal Oak, MI
    U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Track & Field Eugene, OR
    Top 50 Jr. Golf Tournament, Eagle Crest Golf Club, Ypsilanti, MI
    Crim Festival of Races - 40th Anniversary, Flint, MI
    Rio 2016 Olympics,  Rio De Janeiro, South America
    100thth Michigan Women's Amateur, Spring Meadows, Linden, MI
    UA Plumbers and Pipefitters, Ann Arbor, MI
    2016 U.S. Amateur Championship, Oakland Hills, Bloomfield HIlls, MI
    Milford Labor Day 30K *, Milford, MI
    Mt. Baldhead Challenge *, Saugatuck, MI
    MSU Auto Owners Spartan Invitational, East Lansing, MI
    Kensington Challenge* Milford, MI

    Ryder Cup, Hazeltine National GC, Chaska, MN
    Sandhill Crane All Trail Half Marathon, Valdalia, MI
    Helen Devos Childrens Hospital Kids Marathon* Grand Rapids, MI
    Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon* - Grand Rapids, MI

    Big Bird Run, Roseville/Eastpointe, MI
    Thanksgiving Turkey Trot -  Dowagiac, Dowagic, MI
Great Performances - Indoor Track and Field
-- Gazelle Sports / New Balance Elite 3200, Allendale, Feb. 20, 2016
1st)    Anna Jensen, 10:33.96
2nd)    Maddy Trevisan, 10:37.14
3rd)    Anne Forsyth, 10:40.30

1st)     Brayden Law, 9:15.03
2nd)    Jacob Lee, 9:17.11
3rd)    Noah Jacobs, 9:17.30

-- NYRR Millrose Games, New York City, Feb. 20, 2016
3rd Wanamaker Mile)    Amanda Eccleston, 4:26.63
4th 400 meter dash)    Kendall Baisden, 54.98
5th 60 meter hurdles) Jeff Porter, 7.69

Michigan Runner Race Series 2016

St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown Race 5K, Detroit - March 13 -    SE

Striders Saturday Classic 10 Mile, Grandville - April 23 - SW

Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K, Grand Rapids - May 14 - SW                

Dexter To Ann Arbor    Half Marathon, Ann Arbor - June 5 -    SE

Brian Diemer Family of Races 5K, Cutlerville - June 11 - SW
Pictured Rocks Road Race Half Marathon, Munising - June 26 - UP
Port City Run 5K, Frankfort - July 16 - NW
HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races 10 Mile,    Flint - August 27 - SE
Milford Labor Day 30K, Milford - September 3 - SE
Mt. Baldhead Challenge 15K, Saugatuck/Douglas - September 10 - SW
5/3 Capital City River Run Half Marathon, Lansing - September 18 - Central
MetroHealth Grand Rapids Marathon, Grand Rapids - October 23 - SW

Wicked Halloween 10K, Plymouth - October 30 - SE


Points for all races except Fifth Third River Bank Run & Crim:
Open (up to age 39)   
        1st= 30
        2nd= 20
        3rd= 10
Master (age 40-40)
        1st= 15
        2nd= 10
        3rd=  5
Age-Graded Senior (age 50 and up)
        1st= 3
        2nd= 2
        3rd= 1

Fifth Third River Bank Run & Crim:
Open (up to age 39)
        1st= 50
        2nd= 25
        3rd= 15
Master (age 40-40)
        1st= 30
        2nd= 20
        3rd= 10
Age-Graded Senior (age 50 and up)
        1st= 6
        2nd= 4
        3rd= 2

Ten best finishes count for Michigan Runner of the Year. If someone
runs more than ten races, the ones with the fewest points involved are dropped.
Michigan Runner January / February 2016 Issue - Online Now

Michigan Runner January / February 2016
The Michigan Runner January / February 2016 issue is online now.

Event Calendar
        29    January / February 2016 Events

Features and Departments
        6    Editor’s Notes: Satori in Dowagiac    
            By Scott Sullivan
        7    Letter to the Editor
        8    Michigan Runner of the Year: Lisa Veneziano   
            By Charles Douglas McEwen   
        10    Slow Parents of Fast Kids   
            By Dean Johnson
        10    Michigan Runner Race Series 2016    
        12    Male Open Runner of the Year: Nick Stanko  
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        13    Beyond the Chip: Catching Up  
            By Ian Forsyth
        14    Female Runners of the Year: Dot McMahan and Sarah Boyle    
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        15    Runners Save a Life at the 2014 Turkey Trot    
            By Heather Dyc Hanks
        20    Male Masters Runner of the Year: Rob Hyde    
            By Ron Marinucci
        20    Hall Honors Kozloff with Pillars Award   
            By Tracey Cohen
        21    Female Masters Runner of the Year: Betsy Frens    
            By Ron Marinucci    
        23    Senior Male Runner of the Year:  Brian Olsen  
             By Ron Marinucci
        24    Dave Foley Wins MITCA’s Kermit Ambrose Award   
        24    Book Review: Natural Born Heroes    
            By Dave Foley    
        25    Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard
        26    Contributor of the Year: Scott Hubbard    
            By Dave Foley
        28    My Name Is . . . and I Am a Runner    
            By Jason Elmore
        34    Running with Tom Henderson

At the Races
        7    Speedsters Soar Amid Turkeys, Reindeer for Thanksgiving Wins   
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        9    Swain Proves She’s No Punk, Molony Repeats at GR   
            By Michael Zuidema
        12    Classic Draws All Ages to Tackle Turf   
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        16    Sandhill Crane Runs Soar Past Where Pavement Ends   
            By Scott Sullivan
        18    Favorites Prevail at Prep L.P. Final Meet   
            By Scott Sullivan
        22    Vasa Races Explore Wild, Beautiful Terrain   
            By Mickey Fivenson
        22    Red October Run Marks 25 Years    
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        23    Zombie 5K is Right-Brain Blast     
            By Mickey Fivenson      
        26    Gouls in Guise Enjoy Run Scream Run  
            By Charles Douglas McEwen
        27    Monster Turnout Descends on Wicked Halloween Runs  
             By Charles Douglas McEwen

Online Photo Gallery
        3    Dances with Dirt
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios                        
        4    Falling Waters Trail Run
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios    
        4    EMU Fall Classic
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios        
        5    Defeat Depression Dash
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        6    Headless Horseman 5K
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        8    MHSAA LP Cross Country Finals
            Photos by Carter Sherline & Scott Sullivan
        12    Ann Arbor Turkey Trot
            Article by Tracey Cohen; Photo by Carter Sherline    
        13    Kona Chocolate Run
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        14    Centaur Team Euro-Style 8K Cross Country Race
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        16    Grand Blanc Chocolate 5K
            Article by Tracey Cohen; Photo by Carter Sherline
        17    Strategic Staffing Solutions Turkey Trot, Detroit
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        17    Michigan Beer Mile
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
         18    Ann Arbor Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot
            Photo and article by Tracey Cohen    
         19    Fantasy 5K
             Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        19    Gobbler Gallop, Milford
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        20    Ann Arbor Track Club Winter Mini-Meet
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        20    Jingle Jog, Fenton
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
        21    YMCA Santa Run
            Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios    

Race Calendar - February - March 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,
Friday, February 26, 2016    
*    Big Ten Indoor Championships - Men & Women - 2 days, track & field meet, Geneva, OH, Spire Institute,    
*    Mid American Conference Indoor Championships - 2 days, track & field, Akron OH,
*    Michigan Indoor Track Series - State Championship - 2 days, track & field: wt, tj, smr, dmr, Grand Rapids, time tba, Aquinas College,    
*    Mid American Conference Indoor Championships - 2 days, track & field meet, Akron, OH, University of Akron,
*    USA Indoor Combined Events Championships - 2 days, track & field meet, Crete, NE,
Saturday, February 27, 2016    
*    Big Ten Indoor Championships - Men & Women - 2 days, track & field meet, Geneva, OH, Spire Institute,    
*    Mid American Conference Indoor Championships - 2 days, track & field, Akron OH,
*    Michigan Indoor Track Series - State Championship - 2 days, track & field, Grand Rapids, time tba, Aquinas College,
Sunday, February 28, 2016
*    Dirty Herd Trail Run, 4MR, 2MR, Grand Rapids, 4:00 pm, Robinettes Apple Hause,    
*    Dirty Herd Trail Run, 4MR, 2MR, Kalamazoo, 8:00 am, Al Sabo Land Preserve,
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,
*    USATF Masters 8 km Championship, 8KR, Brea, CA, 7:30 am, Brea 8K Classic,
Monday, February 29, 2016    
*    Night of the Glow - Leap Year 2016, 4MR/W, Taylor, 6:30 pm, Willow Metro Park,

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Thursday, March 3, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Friday, March 4, 2016
*    USA Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships - 3 Days, Albuquerque, NM, Albuquerque Convention Center,

Saturday, March 5, 2016
*    AAU 14-Under Youth National Indoor Championships - 2 days, Ypsilanti, 9:00 am, Eastern Michigan, Bowen Field House,
*    Ann Arbor Marathon Course Preview, 12MR/W, Ann Arbor, 7:00 am, Espresso Royal, 214 S. Main,
*    APA Pan American Cross Country Cup / NACAC Cross Country Championships, 10KR, 8KR, 6KR, Caraballeda, Venezuaela,

Sunday, March 6, 2016
*    Arnold 5K Pump and Run    5KR, Weight Lifting, Columbus, OH, 9:00 am, Greater Columbus Convention Center,
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,
*    Kona Shamrock Run, 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR, Plymouth, 7:30 am, Kellogg Park,
*    USATF Michigan Open/ Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships, 5000m race walk, 3000m, 60m hurdles, 60m, 800m, 200m, mile run, 400m, Ann Arbor, 10:00 am, U of Michigan Indoor Track Building,

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Thursday, March 10, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Friday, March 11, 2016
*    NCAA Division I Indoor Track and Field Championships - 2 days, Birmingham, AL,

*    NCAA Division II Indoor Track and Field Championships - 2 days, Pittsburgh, KS,

*    NCAA Division III Indoor Track and Field Championships - 2 days, Grinnell, IA,
*    USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Championships - 3 days, Staten Island, NY, Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex,
*    USATF Indoor Track & Field Championships - 2 days, Portland, OR, Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center,

Saturday, March 12, 2016
*    Dances with Dirt - Florida, 50KR, 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, Dade City, FL, 7:00 am, Withlacoochee River Park,
*    USA 15 km Championships    15KR, Jacksonville, FL,

Sunday, March 13, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,
*    Shamrocks and Shenanigans, 5KR/W, kids’ run, Ann Arbor, 9:00 am, Conor O’Neill’s, downtown Ann Arbor,
*    St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown Race, 5KR/W, Detroit, 12:00 pm, Train Station at Michigan Ave. & Vernor,
*    Track Day, Utica / Grosse Pointe, 11:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,

Monday, March 14, 2016
*    Team Playmakers Triathlon Training Team, training 12 or 25 weeks, Okemos, 6:00 pm    Playmakers, 2299 W. Grand River Ave.,

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Thursday, March 17, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,
*    IAAF World Indoor Championships - 4 day event, Portland, OR, /
*    Pot O’ Gold 4 Mile Run & Walk, 4 MR/W, kids run, Flint, 5:30 pm, Downtown Flint, /

Saturday, March 19, 2016
*    Bill Roney Memorial 5K, 5KR, 1M kids run, Utica, 10:00 am, Trinity Lutheran Church,

Sunday, March 20, 2016
*    Crazy Run, 5-8 MR, Ann Arbor, 7:30 am, Gallup/Arb,
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,
*    Playmakers Track and Field Spike Night, Okemos, 6:00 pm,
*    Track Day, Royal Oak / Lake Orion, 11:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Thursday, March 24, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Friday, March 25, 2016
*    Kermit Ambrose Huron River Relays - 2 days, track and field, Ypsilanti, Eastern Michigan,

Saturday, March 26, 2016
*    IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, 13.1MR, Cardiff, Great Britain & N.I.,
*    Spring 16 Mile Marathon Training Runm, 4-16 MR, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,

Sunday, March 27, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop,

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

Thursday, March 31, 2016
*    Ann Arbor Running Company, Saline Spring Preview Invitational, indoor track & field, Ann Arbor, 5:45 pm, U of Michigan indoor track,
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop,

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