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__/ Crim Announces Race Scholarships, "I Crim for Flint!"
__/ Gault Race Management Have "Combined Talents" with EnMotive Timing
__/ Jerry Johncock Aims for Half Marathon Record

__/ Michigan Runner TV:  Gary Morgan Reports from Team USA Media Summit
__/ Michigan Runner TV: Gary Morgan Reports from IAAF World Indoor Championships, Portland
__/ Michigan Runner - March / April 2016 Issue - Online Now

__/ Mr. Ubiquitous Reports: World Championships in Portland (March 15-21, 2016)
__/ Michigan Runner Video Schedule, by Art McCafferty
__/ Great Performances - Road Racing

__/ Great Performances - Indoor Track and Field
__/ Michigan Runner Race Series - Corktown Results
__/ Michigan Runner Race Series 2016
__/ Race Calendar - March - April 2016



Crim Announces Race Scholarships, "I Crim for Flint!"

As a leader in health and wellness, the Crim Fitness Foundation announced at a press conference today, March 23, 2016, several new initiatives designed to rally the community and lead its recovery around an agenda of hope, healing and health as it manages the impacts of the water crisis.

HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races Scholarships
    This year marks the 40th anniversary of The Crim Fitness Foundation’s HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races. Recognizing that healthy living and exercise are crucial to the overall health and wellbeing of our community, for the first time ever, the HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races will allocate $40,000, previously earmarked as race prize dollars, to admission scholarships for Flint residents who may not otherwise be able to participate. These scholarships will allow more than 2,000 additional Flint residents to enter the race, doubling the number of residents from last year. Recipients of these scholarships will have the opportunity to walk or run in any of the Crim races, including the Michigan Mile, 5K, 8K and 10 mile races. The HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races will be held August 26 and 27.

    “Completing a race takes discipline. It takes courage. It takes perseverance. And it takes the support of those around you,” said Andrew Younger, Race Director. "These are the qualities that exemplify our participants and these are the qualities that exemplify this city. After 40 years of working together, one thing we know is that the people of Flint do not stand still and we at the HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races want to do everything we can to support the 'never quit' spirit of Flint."

    Applications for race scholarships will be available at pre-established locations in the community. Recipients can also participate in the CrimFit Adult Training Program, which begins May 10, at the highly discounted rate of $45 for a 15-week program, made possible by Diplomat Pharmacy. These programs help participants prepare for their race by training close to home at times that work well with their schedule.

Pay It Forward
    In response to inquiries from many individuals asking what they can do to help the community, the Crim is providing an opportunity for individuals to take an active role in providing additional race scholarships through the Pay it Forward program. Individuals can visit the Crim website at www.crim.org and make a tax-deductible contribution to help provide additional race scholarships for City of Flint residents. "This is a great opportunity for anyone, whether they are from this community or another location across the country or world, to play a direct role in supporting the health and well being of those in our community," said Younger. "Participating in the Pay it Forward program allows those who have never before had the opportunity the chance to get out, be active and publicly demonstrate the resilience and spirit of Flint by being part of the HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races."

Register for HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races: http://crim.org/races-events/crim/registration/


Gault Race Management Has "Combined Talents" with EnMotive Timing
John and Anne Gault have led the way with timing in Michigan and, indeed, throughout the U.S.  Chip timing?  They were first. Chips embedded in is disposable bibs?  They were first.  Accuracy, immediate posting of results, customer service-- Gault Race Management has been the gold standard.  

Today, the Gaults made this announcement:

"We have just joined forces with EnMotive, the Timing and Technology division of Running Away Enterprises.  This partnership provides additional resources to expand the GRM range of services and staff, and we are excited about the opportunities ahead.

"With the combined talents of the innovative EnMotive Tech Team and the highly skilled and experienced EnMotive Timing Team, Gault Race Management is well positioned to meet our customer expectations for state-of-the-art timing and technology.  The GRM team as you now know it  - Anne, John, Stephen, Jacob, our Associate Timers and the rest of the crew - will continue to provide the top level customer service you've come to expect, and we're excited to be introducing some new faces, too, as we move forward."

We wish the new configuration the best and, while we are at it, wish John and Anne an occasional weekend off.

Jerry Johncock Aims for Half Marathon Record

Jerry Johncock, age 88, is a familiar figure to many Michigan runners, wearing his "Run with Jesus" singlet and matching red shorts.  You'll find him winning his age group and beating many folks in younger age groups, too. USATF recognized Jerry as the 2015 Masters LDR Road Runner of the Year for 85-89 year olds. He holds the 80-84 year old american age group record for the 30K, 50K and the marathon.  A few years ago Jerry mentioned that he has a better chance at age group records in longer races.  

Next month, Jerry plans to go for the world record in the shorter half-marathon distance at the "Go the Extra Mile for Covenant Kids" half marathon in Saginaw, April 24.  We wish Jerry luck and invite Michigan runners to this race. It's very cool to run in a race in which a world record is set.

The current age group (85) world record of 2:00:05 as recognized by the Association of Road Race Statisticians was set by Georg Gabriel of Germany on October 28, 2006.  The single age (88) world record of 3:05:23 is held by Bruce Davidson of England.

USATF does not list an American  half-marathon record for men age 85-89.

Thanks to Andy Brady of Tri To Finish for alerting us to Jerry's plans.


Michigan Runner TV:  Gary Morgan Reports from Team USA Media Summit
Dawn Nelson Harper, Olympian, 100m hurdles

Jackie Galloway, Olympian, Taekwondo

Annie Harger, Olympian, Sailing

Kim Phode, Olympian, Shooting

Mariel Zagunis, Olympian, Fencing

Tyler Clary, Olympian, Swimming

Michigan Runner TV:  Gary Morgan Reports from IAAF World Indoor Championships, Portland
Opening Ceremonies

Opening Remarks

Men's & Women's Pole Vault

Men's & Women's Shot Put

Women's 400m

Parade of Nations

Men's 1500 Meter Run

Michigan Runner - March / April 2016 Issue - Online Now
    About the cover:  Desi Linden finished second at the US Olympic Team Trials, Marathon in Los Angeles, Febraury 13, 2016.  She will represent the USA at the Olympics in Rio.
Photo by Victah Sailer / photorun.net

Event Calendar
    17    2016 Event Calendar
    37    2016 Upper Peninsula Calendar
    38    2016 Triathlon and Duathlon Calendar

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    6    Editor’s Notes: Frozen Cat   By Scott Sullivan
    10    Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard   
    12    Spring Shoe Review    By Cregg Weinmann  
    42    Roberta Gibb, First Lady of the Boston Marathon   By Amby Burfoot
    44    Beyond the Chip: Coaching Should Develop Runners as Persons First    
            By Rachael Steil
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At the Races
    8    ASU Roommates Amy Cragg and Desi Linden Take First and Second in Marathon Trials   
    44    Super 5K Brings New Start Time, Mild Weather     By Tracey Cohen
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    46    Run Like the Dickens Enjoys Heat Wave       By Tracey Cohen
    48    Winners Abound at Frozen Foot Race      By Mickey Fivenson
Online: Photo Gallery

Event Calendar
    26    2016 Event Calendar: Races, Group Runs, Training Runs, Clinics
Features and Departments
    3    Spring Shoe Review  By Cregg Weinmann
At the Races
    Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios except where noted
     9    Holiday Hustle   
    10    Anchor Bay Jingle Bell Run     
    10    Shelby Township Jingle Bell Run
    11    Lift for Berlin
    11    Kona New Year’s Eve Run   
    12    Fifth Third New Year’s Eve Run and Walk   
    14    Ann Arbor Running Company New Year’s Eve Run       
    14    Hillsdale Winter Opener
    15    Ididarun
    15    Auto Show 5K
    16    Houston Marathon & Half Marathon   Photos by Victah Sailer / photorun.net
    16    Chill at the Mill
    17    Ann Arbor Track Club Invitational Mile
    17    Michigan Indoor Track Series, Jan 16
    18    Michigan Indoor Track Series, Jan 29   
    20    Michigan Indoor Track Series, Jan 8
    21    Eastern Michigan Triangular Meet
    22    Armory Track Invitational  Photos by Victah Sailer
    22    Paczki Run
    23    Super 5K   
    24    Groundhog Day Marathon  Photo by Scott Sullivan
Mr. Ubiquitous Reports: World Championships in Portland (March 15-21, 2016)
Gary Morgan, aka Mr. Ubiquitous, reports:

Tuesday March 15
    Up early, like 3:00 am and out the door at 4:00 am to drive the hour to the airport. Got to Portland by 11:00 am via Minneapolis. Went into the city by light rail. Got on the train and 25 minutes later I was dropped off at the convention center. My hotel, the Eastland Hotel, was right across the street. This place was great since the Convention Center is where the track meet was being held. I dropped off my bags and headed over to the Convention Center to get my credentials for the IAAF World Indoor Championships. I know the routine since I've done this numerous times before. Sit in front of camera, get picture taken then laminated. This was for my media and volunteer credential. Picked up my volunteer outfit of a sweatshirt, two shirts and warm-up pants. All this gear is made by adidas since they are the official apparel sponsor of the IAAF who puts on this championship. I checked out the track, media area and fan zone that was still being set up. It was cool seeing how the track and all the stands were being put inside the convention center hall. Now I know what to expect for the next few days in here.  From there I walked five blocks to the Double Tree hotel where I helped IAAF (International Athletics Association Federation) and LOC (Local Organizing Committee) people check in folks to the hotel and give them information about what was going on along with directions. I was there for 8 hours from 3 to 11 pm. It went by fast as I saw lots of USATF officials and other people I've known for years in track and field. Wore my volunteer outfit for my shift there. At 11 pm I was done and I walked back to my hotel. Then called it a night after a very long day.
Wednesday March 16
    Up early since I had a 7am to 11am shift volunteering at the Double Tree again.  People were coming in from all-night flights from around the globe. Plus, guests who were already there were coming up and asking questions about where the track was and how to get there. The best thing about giving directions was that the train stopped right in front of the hotel so they could get on it and go anywhere in the city. I had breakfast with my friends Justin and Carol Kuo that morning. We caught up on everything that was happening in town. By noon I was done and out of there. Took the train into the city which was right across the Willamette River. Went to a Team USA press conference at the Hilton Hotel. The head coaches were there along with some of the top athletes. I got some quotes from Ryan Hill, 300 meter runner and Michele Carter, shot puter. From there I walked over to Pioneer Square which was all decked out in IAAF World Indoor Championship banners. This is where the medal ceremonies took place for the meet. A Travel Portland and an Oregon Travel Center had travel brochures from all over the state. I talked to the volunteers there and they gave me some ideas on the best things to see in Portland that I hadn't seen in all my other times there, which are too numerous to count. After that it was 5 pm and I didn't want a drink so I went for a long hike along the river path. On the path and I see flags from countries that have hosted the IAAF World Indoor Championships. This event started 29 years (1987) ago in Indianapolis. I remember that event and watching it on TV. I tried to qualify for that team at the USA Indoor Championships back then, but I had a bad day and didn't make the team. I saw the 5k walk on TV, thinking I should have made that team. Life goes on. There have been 16 of these championships which happen every two years. The medal count is listed and it looked like the USA has won most of those medal counts.
    This is the third time I've attended these championships. In 2010 it was in Doha, Qatar and I was a manager on the USA team. In 2012 it was in Istanbul Turkey and I went as a reporter for Michigan Runner. This year I am a reporter for Michigan Runner again. A memory came back as I walked along the river of the time I competed in a 15k national race walk championship in 1991. The course was a one kilometer loop going back and forth on this path. Back then tourists weren't walking up and down the path all day as they are today.  Life keeps moving forward. I kept walking along the path, passed a few small shops and then had to go to the street for a quarter mile and then crossed the river on a new pedestrian and mass transit bridge called the Tilikum Crossing. It's the first pedestrian, mass transit bridge in America without a car crossing. It was sunny day so I could see Mt. Hood. I was on the other side and went by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). A submarine in the river was closed so I figured I could come back the next day. People were paddling long canoes up and down the river. I think touristswere trying to canoe  on the Willamette river. Went by the homeless tent city which is includes numerous homeless people in this town. I guess being homeless isn't so bad when I see young men playing football next to the tent city. Walked another mile along the river to the steel bridge and headed back up to my hotel as it was getting dark. It was a 4 mile round trip hike along the river, 2 miles each way. I met with some friends and we had dinner and drinks on the 6th floor restaurant overlooking the city, an awesome place.  Gold medal shot puter Adam Nelson was there and we talked and joked for a bit. It was great seeing him again. That called it a night.
Thursday  March 17
    Another early morning as I volunteered at the Doubletree hotel from 7am to 11 am. It was pretty quiet because most people had checked in and most people who are involved with the meet are already knew where to go. Met my friends Justin and Carol Kuo from Boston again for breakfast. At 1 pm I attended a press conference at Pioneer Square. It was the opening press conference with IAAF President Seb Coe, USATF CEO Max Seigel, Meet Director Vin Linana, and several athletes. Athletes were Ashton Eaton, heptathlon, Brianne Theisen Eaton, pentathlon, Kim Collins, sprinter, and Briana Rollins, hurdler. Speeches, comments and questions concerning this championship went on during the press conference. The press conference was held at Pioneer Square to highlight the medal ceremony spot. This was a great venue for the medal ceremony. It was a sunny, warm day, so it was perfect for an outdoor press conference. My friend Paxton Bennett met me and we walked across the street and toured the court house. It is the oldest court house west of the Mississippi, built in 1875. It's still in perfect shape and still used. Inside was really cool with wood floors and steps. We were able to walk up into the cupola on narrow wooden stairs. At the top the view was spectacular, even though this is only a four story building. We could see Mt. Hood fifty miles away and parts of the city you can't see at street level. This must have been the largest building in Portland back in 1875. Now there are a lot of skyscrapers overlooking it. From here we walked down to the river and did the same route I did the day before. We went to the Science Museum and a planetarium show. The show was a good one on the black holes in space. Next we went on the submarine tour. This submarine was used in the movie "Hunt For Red October." The sub's number is 581 and it was the last diesel sub made for the U.S. Navy in 1956. It carried 112,000 gallons of diesel fuel and would take 21 days underwater to go from San Diego to Japan. Inside the sub was fascinating. The guide showed us the control room, mess hall, sleeping quarters, and the torpedo room. What a great tour. I was on a sub tour in New Hampshire back in 1989. I really can't remember much about it so being on one again was cool. If you're in Portland I recommend going on this tour. Paxton and I headed for the convention center which was 1.5 miles away so we could go to the opening ceremonies and pole vault competition that started at 6 pm. We get there and everyone is excited. It starts with up-beat music and then the flags of all the competing nations (140) came out and circled the track. The USA flag was last since it's the host nation. The National Anthem of the USA is played and then the IAAF anthem is played. Opening remarks are made and then the flag bearers leave the track with the flags.

    Next the pole vault competition starts. Men and women compete at the same time on two different runways. It was action-packed the whole time as vaulters kept vaulting. The number of athletes kept dwindling until the it came down to two athletes in the women's competition. USA's Jen Suhr pulled it out over USA's Sandi Morris to win the gold. On the men's side Frenchman Renauld Lavillenie won the gold over USA's Sam Kendricks. Renauld took 3 attempts at the world record but didn't make it. Yet he still set a championship record. It was an exciting evening to say the least. It reminded me of a pole vault competition at the Athens Olympics when two Russian women kept going back and forth attempting world record vaults when everyone else had went home. Everyone stayed until the end and that was close to 10:30 pm at night. What a day.
Friday March 18
    Got to rest up a little this morning since my volunteering shifts are over. The meet started early at 10:45 am today. Preliminary events are usually run in the mornings and finals are in the evening. This morning the women's pentathlon events and a host other events were held. The first day of preliminary rounds are usually large a fair number of heats. At 3 pm the session ended. I decided to go to the Pittock Mansion during the break. I took the train over the bridge into the city then hiked over 3 miles to the Pittock Mansion which was out of town and on a huge hill over looking the city. Pittock was the founder of the Oregonian Newspaper and his mansion was built in 1914. Now it's owned by the city and is a museum with a park around it. As soon as I started hiking it was going up. It was an interesting walk through town. I went through a homeless section, then into a more ritzy area as I kept climbing. I went by a Jaguar dealership-- no homeless people in front of it. Plus, that's when it got steep as I kept climbing. I was finally out of town with one mile to go and the sidewalk disappeared. Then there was only a two-foot rocky side bank along the road that I was walking on for a half mile. Then I took a left on the small road up to the mansion. I finally made it there. The mansion was already closed at 4:20pm. It's winter and tourist places close early. From the outside the house looked awesome. They said it was ahead of its time. I went to the other side of the house and the view was spectacular. There were a few other people taking pictures of Mt. Hood, 50 miles away.  It was a sunny day, so it was perfect for taking pictures. I can see why Pittock built his house here. I toured the grounds around the house-- pretty cool spot. Hiking trails were all around there as they connect to different parks in the area. I needed to get back to the meet by 5:40 pm, so I decided to hitchhike back. As soon as I put out my thumb on the park road a guy in an old SUV gave me a ride all the way to the convention center 4 miles away. We had a great talk about where he was from and where I was from, plus all the things that are happening in Portland. Traffic was heavy so we had time. I got to the meet at 5:45. My buddy James O'Brien was there covering the meet for the New York Athletic Club. I told him I hitchhiked here in Portland. He laughed because we hitchhiked in Korea at the World Championships in Daegu, South Korea going to different temples. Better than Uber.
    At the meet the finals were Men's Shot Put, Men's Long Jump, Women's 60 Meter Hurdles, and Men's 60 Meter Dash. Other events were in the women's pentathlon and semi-final events. There were lots of great performances, especially by Americans since the athletes were at home. Brianne Theisen Eaton from Canada had a great performance in the pentathlon.  She ran well enough in the 800 to win her first gold at a world competition. She has a gold medal to add to the Eaton's household. It was great interviewing most of the Americans as they came off the track in the mixed zone. This is where the media gets interviews with the athletes. All the medal winners went to Pioneer Square soon afterwards to get their medals in front of thousands of people under the lights with a band playing and seeing their national flag raised in the Square. I was there to see it and it was awesome. Medal winners were on a high podium where everyone could see them get their medals. After all the athletes got their medals, a rock band wearing neon clothing came out and played danced up a storm on stage. It was entertaining as they kept the crowd dancing, too. This finally ended at 11:30 pm so we headed to a couple of other places. Got some pizza on our mile hike, went back to the hotel on the other side of the river which I find out, is called the east side of town.
Saturday, March 19
    The morning session started around 11:00 am and went until 2:00 pm. Heptathlon for the men is today and lots of other events are in the morning session. The last two events were the men's and women's masters 800. All the runners in this race were over 50 but under 60. It was interesting to watch them run compared to the young runners. Number one thing I can see is that they don't have the flexibility of young people-- just part of the aging process. All of us more mature folks have to realize that every day. At the break my friend Paxton and I hiked 3 miles to Washington Park. This is the big park in Portland with the zoo, gardens, museums, statues, and memorials, I heard it's one of the largest city parks in the nation. We went to the Japanese Garden, high on a hill overlooking the city. It has plants from Japan along with small stone trails, ponds, stone gardens and trees. There was a long line to get in there all afternoon. This is a pay-to-see garden and it's so popular that a $33 million addition is coming. We went through the rose garden which doesn't have any roses yet. Next we checked out the Holocaust memorial in the park. This is a stone monument indicating what happened in World War II with the Holocaust. It was very good and worth checking out if you're ever in Washington Park. We hiked back to the Convention Center and got back at 5 pm just when the meet restarted-- perfect timing.  Lots of finals happened this evening. Michele Carter won the women's shot put. Trayvon Bromell, a 20 year old, won the men's 60 meter dash. Ashton Eaton won the pentathlon for another gold medal. The USA was racking up lots of medals in this championship. I went to the Medal Ceremony at Pioneer Square again and watched all the athletes get their medals. As I'm watching I run into legendary runner, Billy Mills. It was great to see him again. He always shows up at major track events every year. Took pictures with him and EMU Hall of Famer Joe Codrington and his wife Lauretta.  We all had fun for the evening and when it was over I walked back to the east side then called it a night.
Sunday March 20
    Had a volunteer breakfast at the Convention Center. It was a really nice spread of food to show the volunteers they were appreciated. The most impressive part of the breakfast was that Vin Lananna, the meet director, was there to thank as many of the volunteers as he could. I give him all the credit in the world. He directs these big events and he comes to thank volunteers do and other things that surround the event. When the World Juniors were in Eugene in 2014 he came to the start of the marathon that weekend at 7:00 am to watch the start. He is a true leader who is out there with the people working the meet. My friend Paxton's friend, who lives in Portland, came by right after the breakfast and took us to a city park called Mt. Tabor. We walked around in the rain to check it out. It's a nice park with a large hill on which runners go up and down. Then he drove us around that part of the city, showing us what neighborhoods look like in Portland. Back to the meet at noon for nine final events that afternoon. The medal haul continued for the USA. The big surprise to me was seeing Ryan Hill bring home silver in the 3000 meter run. He is taking over where Bernard Lagat left off in the middle and distance events. As this meet ended, it shows how strong the USA in so many events. RIo is looking great for Team USA. As I left the Convention Center I stopped to say goodbye to one of the volunteer coordinators who is married to a fellow Olympic walker. She is married to Goetz Klopper who is from Michigan and trained with Michiganders Jerry and Jeanne Bocci back in the 1960's and 70's. Never know who you're going to meet at these big events. I went to the last medal ceremony, saw all the medal winners and had a couple of drinks to celebrate a fantastic event in Portland with my friends. I was sad to see it end. I've been to lots of big events and they always end. There's always another event coming. Said my good-byes to everyone and headed off to the wild blue yonder to have dinner with Paxton and his friends. What a championship this was along with a big celebration. Portland, you did America proud.
Monday March 21
    Got up early and did a 5 mile run/walk around the river walk for the last time on this trip. Packed up and put my bags in storage for the day. Paxton met me and we rented a car and headed to Mt. Hood.  It's always an awesome drive to Mt. Hood and I've done it many times. This was the first time ever in the winter. It was warm enough with some rain coming down. An hour and a half later we were at Timberline Lodge. This historic building was built of rock, wood and iron-- nothing else. I've been in here many times yet I still love to come and explore this building. It's unique. Paxton was taking pictures of everything since he had never been inside. I found out there is a bar called the Blue Ox Bar on the lower level-- almost in a basement. A blue ox is painted on the wall. A history lessen is on the wall. This place closed in 1955 because of mismanagement and was being used for gambling and prostitution. It reopened a few months later as a ski resort which it still is. Lots of people were skiing since it was spring break here in Oregon. We had a light lunch, took pictures outside and then headed out for the rest of the Hood scenic tour. Went to the Columbia River Gorge scenic tour on route 30. It was spectacular-- even in the rain. Six major waterfalls are on this route, with Multnomah Falls being the highest and most spectacular. We went to the ridge overlooking the gorge and the view was fantastic. Historic Route 30 ended at Sandy River Park. Then we got on the freeway back to Portland and turned in the car. Had dinner and I headed to the airport Via train for my midnight flight back to Detroit. What a great way to end my trip to Oregon. We saw what Lewis and Clark saw 200 years ago when there were no buildings around. It's still spectacular-- like all of Oregon.
    Get on the Oregon trail for a trip you wont forget.

    Gary Morgan
    Mr Ubiquitous
Michigan Runner Video Schedule, by Art McCafferty
We are very excited about our upcoming schedule of Michigan Runner Video race coverage. Normally, you can expect our first videos to be up the Monday following the race with the total race package up late Tuesday.

Our Coverage and Crews:

Kona Cheesecake Run, Farmington Hills
        Crew: Reporters Gary Morgan and Jennie McCafferty. Videographers, Carter Sherline
        and Art McCafferty
Let's Move Festival of Races
        Crew: Reporters Gary Morgan and Jennie McCafferty. Videographers, Carter Sherline
        and Art McCafferty
Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon
        Crew: Reporters Gary Morgan and Jennie McCafferty. Videographers, Carter Sherline
        and Art McCafferty
Fifth Third River Bank Run
        Crew: Scott Sullivan
Dexter- Ann Arbor
        Crew: Reporters Noah Watson and Jennie McCafferty. Videographers, Carter Sherline
        and Art McCafferty
Diemer Family of Races
        Crew: Art and Jennie McCafferty, Rosie and Lily Zylstra  & Scott Sullivan
Great Performances - Road Racing
-- The Pi Run, 3.14MR, Dexter, Sunday, March 13, 2016
1st)    Justin Noble, 20:47
2nd)    Adam Hauser, 21:20
3rd)    Bill Carter, 21;46
1st Master)    Joe Mize, 22:08    
1st)    Josephine Weeden, 21:25
2nd)    Katie Noble, 21:59
3rd)    Danie Matusik, 22:11
1st Master)    Danie Matusik, 22:11    

-- Pot O’ Gold 4 Mile, Flint, Thursday, March 17, 2016
1st)    Tony Filipek 21:14
2nd)    Zane Grabau, 21:25
3rd)    Austen Manderrach, 22:26
1st Master)    Rodney Reneski, 23:19
1st)    Sarah Martinez, 24:36    
2nd)    Meghan Bade, 29:54    
3rd)    Jori Reigle, 29:58
1st Master)    Kris Kotula, 30:00
For complete results see https://results.chronotrack.com/event/results/event/event-18023

-- Bill Roney Memorial 5K, Utica, Saturday, March 19, 2016
1st)    Tony Filipek, 15:53
2nd)    John Worthington II, 16:10    
3rd & 1st Master)    Lee Shaw, 17:00
1st)    Alexandria Vinteoghel, 18:30
2nd)    Kelsey Bragg, 18:43        
3rd)    Samantha Hanson, 18:47
1st Master)    Darcy Sieber, 22:07    

Great Performances - Indoor Track and Field
-- IAAF World Indoor Championships, Portland, Oregon, March 17-21, 2016
3rd - 1500m run)    Nick Willis, New Zealand, 3:44.37

Michigan Runner Race Series - Corktown Results
In order to report results and standings for the St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown Race 5K we need individual ages for senior runners (ages 50 and up). We're working on it. Stay tuned.

Michigan Runner Race Series 2016
St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown Race 5K, Detroit - March 13 (Results & standings tba)
Striders Saturday Classic 10 Mile, Grandville - April 23 - SW
Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K, Grand Rapids - May 14 - SW    
Dexter To Ann Arbor    Half Marathon, Ann Arbor - June 5 -    SE
Brian Diemer Family of Races 5K, Cutlerville - June 11 - SW
Pictured Rocks Road Race Half Marathon, Munising - June 26 - UP

Port City Run 5K, Frankfort - July 16 - NW
HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races 10 Mile,    Flint - August 27 - SE
Milford Labor Day 30K, Milford - September 3 - SE

Mt. Baldhead Challenge 15K, Saugatuck/Douglas - September 10 - SW
5/3 Capital City River Run Half Marathon, Lansing - September 18 - Central
MetroHealth Grand Rapids Marathon, Grand Rapids - October 23 - SW
Wicked Halloween 10K, Plymouth - October 30 - SE

Points for all races except Fifth Third River Bank Run & Crim:
Open (up to age 39)   
        1st= 30
        2nd= 20
        3rd= 10
Master (age 40-40)
        1st= 15
        2nd= 10
        3rd=  5
Age-Graded Senior (age 50 and up)
        1st= 3
        2nd= 2
        3rd= 1

Fifth Third River Bank Run & Crim:
Open (up to age 39)
        1st= 50
        2nd= 25
        3rd= 15
Master (age 40-40)
        1st= 30
        2nd= 20
        3rd= 10
Age-Graded Senior (age 50 and up)
        1st= 6
        2nd= 4
        3rd= 2
Ten best finishes count for Michigan Runner of the Year. If someone
runs more than ten races, the ones with the fewest points involved are dropped.
Race Calendar - March - April 2016
Thursday, March 24, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Friday, March 25, 2016
*    Kermit Ambrose Huron River Relays - 2 days, track and field, Ypsilanti, Eastern Michigan, http://a2racemanagement.com

Saturday, March 26, 2016
*    IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, 13.1MR, Cardiff, Great Britain & N.I., http://usatf.org
*    Spring 16 Mile Marathon Training Runm, 4-16 MR, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Sunday, March 27, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Thursday, March 31, 2016
*    Ann Arbor Running Company, Saline Spring Preview Invitational, indoor track & field, Ann Arbor, 5:45 pm, U of Michigan indoor track, http://a2racemanagement.com

Friday, April 1, 2016
•    April Fools Day Twinkie Run, 5KR, Ann Arbor, 6:15 pm, Gallup Park - Canoe Livery, http://www.activeagainstals.org/events/twinkie-run/

Sunday, April 3, 2016
*    Ann Arbor Marathon, 26.2MR/W, 13.1MR/W, 10KR/W, 5KR/W, 1MR, Ann Arbor, 7:00 am, Main & Keech, http://theannarbormarathon.com
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run - Wednesdays, Utica, 6:00 pm, Hansons Running Shop, Hall Road, http://hansons-running.com

Thursday, April 7, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Saturday, April 9, 2016
•    Great Lakes Loons Pennant Race, 5KR/W, 1MFR, kids run, Midland, 11:00 am, Dow Diamond, Downtown Midland, http://mymcc.org/myraces
*    Martian Invasion of Races, 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR, kids run, Dearborn, 7:15 am, Ford Field Park, http://martianmarathon.com

Sunday, April 10, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Thursday, April 14, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com
Saturday, April 16, 2016    
*    ABBRx Natural and Fit Day, 5KR/W, kids run, Midland, 9:00 am, Bullock Creek HS, http://tritofinish.com
*    Iola Trail Run    15KR, 5KR, Iola, WI, 10:00 am, Iola Winter Sports Park, http://greatlakesendurance.com
Sunday, April 17, 2016    
*    Crazy Run, 5-8 MR, Ann Arbor, 7:30 am, Bluffs / Barton Park Parking Lot, http://aatrackclub.org
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com    
*    Kona Cheesecake Run    8KR, 5KR/W, 1MR, Farmington Hills, 7:30 am, Farmington Family YMCA, http://konacheesecakerun.com
Monday, April 18, 2016    
*    B.A.A. Boston Marathon, 26.2 MR, Boston, MA, 9:30 am, http://www.baa.org

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Thursday, April 21, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Sunday, April 24, 2016    
*    Go the Extra Mile for Covenant Kids, 13.1MR/ handcycle, 5KR/W, 1MR/W, Saginaw Township, 8:00 am, Swan Valley HS, http://tritofinish.com
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com
*    Trail Marathon & Road Ends, 50KR, 26.2MR, 5MR, Pinckney, 7:30 am, Silver Lake, Pinckney Recreation Area, http://trailmarathon.com    
*    USATF Masters 10 km Championships, 10KR, Dedham, MA, http://usatf.org

Tuesday, April 26, 2016    
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com
Thursday, April 28, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com    
*    Tri to Finish Freeland Walleye Festival 5K/10K, 10KR, 5KR/W,1MR, Freeland, 6:00 pm, Tittabawassee Township Park, http://tritofinish.com

Saturday, April 30, 2016    
*    McLaren Let’s Move Festival of Races, 26.2MR, 13.1MR/ Relay, 5KR/W, 1MW, kids run, Mount Clemens, 8:00 am, downtown Mount Clemens, http://letsmovefestival.com
*    USA Half Marathon Championships, 13.1MR, Columbus, OH, 6:15 am, OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon, http://usatf.org

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