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      43nd Dexter-Ann Arbor Run, Sunday, June 5
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Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon,   Full * Half * 10K * 5K * Kids' Run -May 14-15, 2016
    Marathon — Boston Qualifier –  Running, Walking & Wheeler Divisions
    Half, 10K, 5K — Running & Walking Divisions
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    Run/Walk 10 Mile, 8K, 5K, Michigan Mile & Teddy Bear Trot

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__/ Race Calendar - March - April 2016


Michigan Runner TV: Mr. Ubiquitous Wraps Up His Team USA Media Summit Coverage
by Art McCafferty
Gary Morgan stopped by and dropped off a couple of tapes to finish up his Team U.S.A. Media Summit in L.A. and interviewed past champions and a variety of our Olympic hopefuls for Rio 2016.  Enjoy.

Michael Phelps - Swimming
Ibtihaj Muhammad - Fencing
Lily Zhang USA Table Tennis
Brad Snyder U S Paralympics Swimming
Tony Azevedo USA Water Polo
John Orozco Gymnastics
Adeline Gray - Wrestler
Karch Kiraly -  Volleyball
Casey Eichfeld - Canoe Slalom
Alysia Montano Track and Field
Greg Billington  - Triathlon
Carl Lewis - Track and Field
Aries Merritt - Track and Field
Tyler Clary - Swimming


Mr. Ubiquitous Reports: Movie: "Race" (March 27, 2016)
Gary Morgan, aka Mr. Ubiquitous, reports:

    Staying closer to home this weekend I took in a movie with my good friend Chris Ford. The movie is called "Race" and is about the life of Jesse Owens. He went to The Ohio State University in 1932, and was coached by the legendary Larry Snyder. The movie showed that Owens had a girlfriend and a daughter when he enrolled at Ohio State. His middle name was Cleveland and that's where he grew up. Owens equaled the world record in the 100 yard dash of 9.4 seconds in high school. This was all during the depression in the 1930's. As a student at The Ohio State University, Owens faced huge amounts of racial discrimination. Very few black people went to northern universities in the 1930's. He did not have a scholarship so he had to work part time jobs to pay for his college education. Yet, with all this adversity he won 8 NCAA national individual track titles in 1935 and 1936-- four each year. His greatest college day came May 25th, 1935 at Ferry Field in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan during the Big Ten championships. He set or equaled four world records in the 100 yards, 220 yards, 220 yard hurdles and the long jump. A plaque there commemorates that day at the field.

n 1936 the world knew what was going on in Nazi Germany: Jews and undesirables, anyone who wasn't part of the so called Aryan race were rounded up to isolate them from society and make them do forced labor. Then they were taken to camps. The United Sates was divided on going to the Olympics, but the US Olympic committee voted to go. Jesse Owens was under so much pressure to go and win that he almost didn't go because of the politics and racism in America and Germany. He decided to go and changed history forever.  During the movie a radio played with people listening to the Joe Louis versus Max Schmeling  boxing fight that took place in Yankee Stadium on June 19, 1936. Joe Louis lost that fight.  He beat Max Schmeling and the Nazi theory of Aryan supremacy on June 22 1938 although this wasn't in the movie. Avery Brundage was one of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) leaders at that time and became International Olympic Committee (IOC) president in 1951. In the movie he fought to have the USA go to the 1936 Olympics. The movie shows Brundage's company getting a contract to build the German embassy in Washington DC. To this day the allegation that a bribe was involved with that contract has not completely proven to be true but a lot of evidence shows that it was. Sports, Politics and Money leads to corruption. As Jesse said in the movie, "For that ten seconds you can forget about the whole world."   
    I highly recommend seeing this movie. It was really good.
    This movie brought back a lot of memories. I raced inside of the horseshoe stadium of Ohio State at the Jesse Owens classic meet in 1984 and 1985. I saw Jesse Owens in person at the Detroit Auto Show in 1971 when he was on a Ford sports panel with other great athletes like Tigers great, Al Kaline, and others. I still have the sports card from that day. I went to the World Championships in 2009 held at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, covering it for the Michigan Runner. I also have memories of competing at Ferry Field in Ann Arbor over the years. Movies, like life, can teach you lots of things you didn't know before you went.

    Keep watching and learning

    Gary Morgan
    Mr Ubiquitous
Editor's note: I really liked the movie, too. Among the things I learned in the movie was the racism the U.S. Olympic coach Lawson Robertson showed toward Owens. I'm really sorry that the University of Michigan will tear down Ferry Field. It should be a national historic landmark.

Michigan Runner - March / April 2016 Issue - Online Now
    About the cover:  Desi Linden finished second at the US Olympic Team Trials, Marathon in Los Angeles, Febraury 13, 2016.  She will represent the USA at the Olympics in Rio.
Photo by Victah Sailer / photorun.net

Event Calendar
    17    2016 Event Calendar
    37    2016 Upper Peninsula Calendar
    38    2016 Triathlon and Duathlon Calendar

Features and Departments
    6    Editor’s Notes: Frozen Cat   By Scott Sullivan
    10    Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard   
    12    Spring Shoe Review    By Cregg Weinmann  
    42    Roberta Gibb, First Lady of the Boston Marathon   By Amby Burfoot
    44    Beyond the Chip: Coaching Should Develop Runners as Persons First    
            By Rachael Steil
    46    Michigan Big in Independent Running Retailers Board    By Ron Marinucci   
    47    I Don’t Want to Run Today    By Dave Foley
    48    Ultra Runner Takes Joy in Going Distance – Plus    By Ron Marinucci
    50    Club Names Michigan Communities ‘Runner-Friendly’    By Scott Sullivan
    52    Running with Tom Henderson   
    54    Michigan Runner Race Series 2016   

At the Races
    8    ASU Roommates Amy Cragg and Desi Linden Take First and Second in Marathon Trials   
    44    Super 5K Brings New Start Time, Mild Weather     By Tracey Cohen
    45    Big Bird Flies in Fair Weather, Tweaked Course     By Ron Marinucci   
    46    Run Like the Dickens Enjoys Heat Wave       By Tracey Cohen
    48    Winners Abound at Frozen Foot Race      By Mickey Fivenson
Online: Photo Gallery

Event Calendar
    26    2016 Event Calendar: Races, Group Runs, Training Runs, Clinics
Features and Departments
    3    Spring Shoe Review  By Cregg Weinmann
At the Races
    Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios except where noted
     9    Holiday Hustle   
    10    Anchor Bay Jingle Bell Run     
    10    Shelby Township Jingle Bell Run
    11    Lift for Berlin
    11    Kona New Year’s Eve Run   
    12    Fifth Third New Year’s Eve Run and Walk   
    14    Ann Arbor Running Company New Year’s Eve Run       
    14    Hillsdale Winter Opener
    15    Ididarun
    15    Auto Show 5K
    16    Houston Marathon & Half Marathon   Photos by Victah Sailer / photorun.net
    16    Chill at the Mill
    17    Ann Arbor Track Club Invitational Mile
    17    Michigan Indoor Track Series, Jan 16
    18    Michigan Indoor Track Series, Jan 29   
    20    Michigan Indoor Track Series, Jan 8
    21    Eastern Michigan Triangular Meet
    22    Armory Track Invitational  Photos by Victah Sailer
    22    Paczki Run
    23    Super 5K   
    24    Groundhog Day Marathon  Photo by Scott Sullivan


Michigan Runner Video Schedule, by Art McCafferty
We are very excited about our upcoming schedule of Michigan Runner Video race coverage. Normally, you can expect our first videos to be up the Monday following the race with the total race package up late Tuesday.

Our Coverage and Crews:

Kona Cheesecake Run, Farmington Hills
        Crew: Reporters Gary Morgan and Jennie McCafferty. Videographers, Carter Sherline
        and Art McCafferty
Let's Move Festival of Races
        Crew: Reporters Gary Morgan and Jennie McCafferty. Videographers, Carter Sherline
        and Art McCafferty
Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon
        Crew: Reporters Gary Morgan and Jennie McCafferty. Videographers, Carter Sherline
        and Art McCafferty
Fifth Third River Bank Run
        Crew: Scott Sullivan
Dexter- Ann Arbor
        Crew: Reporters Noah Watson and Jennie McCafferty. Videographers, Carter Sherline
        and Art McCafferty
Diemer Family of Races
        Crew: Art and Jennie McCafferty, Rosie and Lily Zylstra  & Scott Sullivan
Great Performances - Road Racing
-- IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, 13.1MR, Cardiff, Great Britain & N.I., Saturday, March 26, 2016
20. Lanni MARCHANT, 1984, CAN              1:11:26 SB

-- St. Patrick's Parade Corktown Races 5K, Detroit, March 13, 2016
1st in the 85+ age group)    Elizabeth Holmes, age 94, 1:01:29, age graded 22:44

Great Performances - Outdoor Track and Field
-- Kermit Ambrose Huron River Relays, Ypsilanti, Friday, March 25, 2016
Boys, Large Schools -    Champions
1st - 4x800m relay) -    Grand Blanc, 8:13.48
1st - 60m hurdles) -     Terrance London, Melvindale, 8.49
1st - 60m dash) -        Miles Daniel, Oak Park, 6.99
1st - DMR) -            Ann Arbor Pioneer, 10:49.95
1st - 4x200m relay) -    Oak Park, 1:33.91
1st - 1600m run) -        Cameron Cooper, Oak Park, 4:19.10
1st - 4x400m relay) -    Oak Park, 3:25.10
1st - high jump) -        Yzeric Barnhart, Defiance, 6-03.00
1st - shot put) -        Paxton Titus, Livingston Christian, 48-05.50
1st - pole vault) -        Mitch Kubicki, Toledo Whitmer, 14-06.00
1st - long jump) -        Terrance London, Melvindale, 21-07.75
1st - teams) -            Saline, 57

Girls, Large Schools -    Champions
1st - 4x800m relay) -    Ann Arbor Pioneer, 9:30.16
1st - 60m hurdles) -     Anna Jefferson, Oak Park, 8.81
1st - 60m dash) -        Anna Jefferson, Oak Park, 7.56
1st - DMR) -            Saline, 12:42.00
1st - 4x200m relay) -    Oak Park, 1:42.31
1st - 1600m run) -        Anne Forsyth, Ann Arbor Pioneer, 5:03.64
1st  - 4x400m relay) -    Oak Park, 3:59:03
1st - high jump) -        Wimberly Jada, Ann Arbor Pioneer, 5-05.00
1st - shot put) -        Erin Connor, Saline, 38-05.00
1st - pole vault) -        Colleen Campbell, Lake Orion, 10-09.00
1st - long jump) -        Alexia Robinson, Walled Lake Western, 15-11.50
1st - teams) -            Ann Arbor Pioneer, 68

Boys, Small Schools -    Champions
1st - 4x800m relay) -    Coldwater, 8:38.21
1st - 60m hurdles) -     Kevin Schopa, South Lyon, 8.83
1st - 60m dash) -        Dijimon Slaughter, Lansing Sexton, 7.12
1st - DMR) -            Berkley, 13:53.83
1st - 4x200m relay) -    Lansing Sexton, 1:35.56
1st - 1600m run) -        Derrick Reid, Bradford Academy, 4:32.83
1st - 4x400m relay) -    Bradford Academy, 3:37.81
1st - high jump) -        Tamarion Johnson, Bradford Academy, 6-03.00
1st - shot put) -        Connor Covert, Coldwater, 50-00.00
1st - pole vault) -        Andrew Harrison, Wyandotte, 13-00.00
1st - long jump) -        Jaden Coney, Coldwater, 20-02.75
1st - teams) -            South Lyon, 62.5

Girls, Small Schools -    Champions
1st - 4x800m relay) -    Berkley, 10:29.44
1st - 60m hurdles) -     Ra'Dasha Ashley, Lansing Sexton, 10.00
1st - 60m dash) -        AMackenzie Fields, Berkley, 7.92
1st - DMR) -            Saline, 12:42.00
1st - 4x200m relay) -    Bradford Academy, 1:55.26
1st - 1600m run) -        Maggie Pawelczyk, Wyandotte. 5:21.34
1st  - 4x400m relay) -    Harper Creek. 4:21.44
1st - high jump) -        Savannah Green, St. Clair, 5-01.00
1st - shot put) -        Erin Howard, Lansing Sexton, 40-06.00
1st - pole vault) -        Katie Tewksbury, Dexter, 11-00.00
1st - long jump) -        Mya Rhodes, Marysville, 16-09.25
1st - teams) -            Wyandotte, 86

--Raleigh Relays
Paul H. Derr Track, Raleigh, NC, USA; March 25-26
1st, 800m run)        Justine Kiprotich, Michigan State, 1:50.29 PB
2nd, 1500m run)        Justine Kiprotich, Michigan State, 3:45.12 PB
2nd, 4x1500m relay)    Michigan State Men, 15:40.68 (Andrew O'Connor, Nick Soter, Nick Moon,
                    Austin Wissler)
3rd, 10,000m run)    Willy Fink, Eastern Michigan, 29:04,92 PB
3rd, 4x1500m relay)    Eastern Michigan Men, 16:00.03 (Josh Sabo, Michell Lenneman,
                    Kieran Reilly, Hlynu Andresson)
1st, 10,000m run)    Rachele Schulist, Michigan State, 34:12.23 PB
1st, 3000m SC)        Katie Landwehr, Michigan State, 10:14.99
2nd, 10,000m run)    Alexis Wiersma, Michigan State, 34:12.41
2nd, 4x800m relay)    Michigan State Women, 8:55.24 (Aubrey Wilberding, Erin Billette,
                    Sarah Rustmann, Kayla Kavulich)
2nd, 4x1500m relay)    Michigan State Women, 18:35.80 (Erin McDonald, Kayla Kaulich,
                    Erin Gillett, Aubrey Wilberding)

-- Pac-12 vs Big 10 Invitational hosted by Arizona State
Tempe, AZ, USA; March 25-26
2nd, hammer throw)    Joseph Ellis, Michigan, 64.39m
2nd, shot put)    Grant Cartwright, Michigan, 18.28m
3rd, 1500m run)    Mason Ferlic, Michigan, 3:44.67 PB
3rd, 5000m run)    Nicholas Posada, Michigan, 14:32.96
3rd, triple jump)    Kevin Stephens, Jr., Michigan, 15.10m
4th Team Scores)    Michigan, 62
1st, 1500m run)    Shannon Osika, Michigan, 4:20.08
1st, high jump)    Claire Kieffer-Wright, Michigan, 1.75m
2nd, 800m run)    Jaimie Phelan, Michigan, 2:07.59 PB
2nd, 3000m SC)    Anna Pasternak, Michigan, 10:39.50
2nd, 400m hurdles)    Emily Wee, Michigan, 1:00.55
3rd, 1500m run)    Danielle Pfeifer, Michigan, 2:07.90 PB
3rd, 5000m run)    Corinne Florie, Michigan, 16:56.93 PB
3rd Team Scores)    Michigan, 95

Michigan Runner Race Series Results: St. Patrick's Parade Corktown Races 5K, Detroit, March 13, 2016
Editor' Note: We are grateful to Jenni Everal for supplying individual ages for each runner.

Open Women
Denisa Costescu, 1st, 18:38, age 40, 30 points (+15 points master)
Amber Dermyre, 2nd, 18:59, age 26, 20 points
Kelsey Bragg, 3rd, 19:05, age 26, 10 points

Open Men
Jon Gries, 1st, 15:10, age 29, 30 points
Joel Schut, 2nd, 15:44, age 29, 20 points
Mike Andersen, 3rd, 15:46, age 29, 10 points

Masters Women    
Denisa Costescu, 1st, 18:38, age 40, 15 points (+30 points open)*
Nicole Derrick, 2nd, 19:41, age 44, 10 points
Heidi Drallos, 3rd, 21:59, age 53, 5 points (+3 points senior)

Masters Men
Roman Krzyzanowski, 1st, 17:19, age 44, 15 points
Ovidiu Olteanu, 2nd, 18:39, age 45, 10 points
Marc Melville, 3rd, 18:43, age 41, 5 points

Senior Women
Heidi Drallos, 1st, 21:59 (age graded 53, 18:40), 3 points (tie)
Maggie Hibbler, 2nd, 23:38 (age graded 60: 18:40), 3 points (tie)
Ella Willis, 3rd, 23:17 (age graded 58: 18:47), 1 point

Senior Men
John Tarkowski, 1st, 20:53 (age graded 63: 16:37), 3 points  
Christopher Greco, 2nd, 19:10 (age-graded 53: 16:42), 2 points  
Christopher Greco, 3rd, 20:53 (age-graded 64: 16:37), 1 point

Michigan Runner Race Series Standings After 1 Event: St. Patrick's Parade Corktown Races 5K, March 13, 2016
Open Men
1 - Jon Gries - 30 points
2 - Joel Schut - 20 points
3 - Mike Andersen - 10 points

Open Women
1 - Amber Dermyre - 20 points
2 - Kelsey Bragg - 10 points

Masters Men
1 - Roman Krzyzanowski - 15 points
2 - Ovidiu Olteanu - 10 points
3 - Marc Melville, 5 points

Masters Women
1 - Denisa Costescu - 45 points*
2 - Nicole Derrick - 10 points

Senior Men
1 - John Tarkowski - 3 points
1 - Christopher Greco  - 2 points
3 - Christopher Greco- 1 point

Senior Women
1 - Heidi Dralloso - 8 points
2 - Maggie Hibbler - 3 points
3 - Ella Willis - 1 point

Michigan Runner Race Series 2016
St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown Race 5K, Detroit - March 13 (Results & standings tba)
Striders Saturday Classic 10 Mile, Grandville - April 23 - SW
Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K, Grand Rapids - May 14 - SW    
Dexter To Ann Arbor    Half Marathon, Ann Arbor - June 5 -    SE
Brian Diemer Family of Races 5K, Cutlerville - June 11 - SW
Pictured Rocks Road Race Half Marathon, Munising - June 26 - UP

Port City Run 5K, Frankfort - July 16 - NW
HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races 10 Mile,    Flint - August 27 - SE
Milford Labor Day 30K, Milford - September 3 - SE

Mt. Baldhead Challenge 15K, Saugatuck/Douglas - September 10 - SW
5/3 Capital City River Run Half Marathon, Lansing - September 18 - Central
MetroHealth Grand Rapids Marathon, Grand Rapids - October 23 - SW
Wicked Halloween 10K, Plymouth - October 30 - SE

Points for all races except Fifth Third River Bank Run & Crim:
Open (up to age 39)   
        1st= 30
        2nd= 20
        3rd= 10
Master (age 40-40)
        1st= 15
        2nd= 10
        3rd=  5
Age-Graded Senior (age 50 and up)
        1st= 3
        2nd= 2
        3rd= 1

Fifth Third River Bank Run & Crim:
Open (up to age 39)
        1st= 50
        2nd= 25
        3rd= 15
Master (age 40-40)
        1st= 30
        2nd= 20
        3rd= 10
Age-Graded Senior (age 50 and up)
        1st= 6
        2nd= 4
        3rd= 2
Ten best finishes count for Michigan Runner of the Year. If someone
runs more than ten races, the ones with the fewest points involved are dropped.
Race Calendar - March - April 2016
Thursday, March 31, 2016
*    Ann Arbor Running Company, Saline Spring Preview Invitational, indoor track & field, Ann Arbor, 5:45 pm, U of Michigan indoor track, http://a2racemanagement.com

Friday, April 1, 2016
•    April Fools Day Twinkie Run, 5KR, Ann Arbor, 6:15 pm, Gallup Park - Canoe Livery, http://www.activeagainstals.org/events/twinkie-run/

Sunday, April 3, 2016
*    Ann Arbor Marathon, 26.2MR/W, 13.1MR/W, 10KR/W, 5KR/W, 1MR, Ann Arbor, 7:00 am, Main & Keech, http://theannarbormarathon.com
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run - Wednesdays, Utica, 6:00 pm, Hansons Running Shop, Hall Road, http://hansons-running.com

Thursday, April 7, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Saturday, April 9, 2016
•    Great Lakes Loons Pennant Race, 5KR/W, 1MFR, kids run, Midland, 11:00 am, Dow Diamond, Downtown Midland, http://mymcc.org/myraces
*    Martian Invasion of Races, 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR, kids run, Dearborn, 7:15 am, Ford Field Park, http://martianmarathon.com

Sunday, April 10, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Thursday, April 14, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com
Saturday, April 16, 2016    
*    ABBRx Natural and Fit Day, 5KR/W, kids run, Midland, 9:00 am, Bullock Creek HS, http://tritofinish.com
*    Iola Trail Run    15KR, 5KR, Iola, WI, 10:00 am, Iola Winter Sports Park, http://greatlakesendurance.com
Sunday, April 17, 2016    
*    Crazy Run, 5-8 MR, Ann Arbor, 7:30 am, Bluffs / Barton Park Parking Lot, http://aatrackclub.org
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com    
*    Kona Cheesecake Run    8KR, 5KR/W, 1MR, Farmington Hills, 7:30 am, Farmington Family YMCA, http://konacheesecakerun.com
Monday, April 18, 2016    
*    B.A.A. Boston Marathon, 26.2 MR, Boston, MA, 9:30 am, http://www.baa.org

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Thursday, April 21, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Sunday, April 24, 2016    
*    Go the Extra Mile for Covenant Kids, 13.1MR/ handcycle, 5KR/W, 1MR/W, Saginaw Township, 8:00 am, Swan Valley HS, http://tritofinish.com
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com
*    Trail Marathon & Road Ends, 50KR, 26.2MR, 5MR, Pinckney, 7:30 am, Silver Lake, Pinckney Recreation Area, http://trailmarathon.com    
*    USATF Masters 10 km Championships, 10KR, Dedham, MA, http://usatf.org

Tuesday, April 26, 2016    
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com
Thursday, April 28, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com    
*    Tri to Finish Freeland Walleye Festival 5K/10K, 10KR, 5KR/W,1MR, Freeland, 6:00 pm, Tittabawassee Township Park, http://tritofinish.com

Saturday, April 30, 2016    
*    McLaren Let’s Move Festival of Races, 26.2MR, 13.1MR/ Relay, 5KR/W, 1MW, kids run, Mount Clemens, 8:00 am, downtown Mount Clemens, http://letsmovefestival.com
*    USA Half Marathon Championships, 13.1MR, Columbus, OH, 6:15 am, OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon, http://usatf.org

Calendar entries are a value-added service for Michigan Runner clients. Please
contact Art McCafferty (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you're interested.