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        For Complete Information: http://www.uapprun5k.com/
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    Don't miss the 40th anniversary of Michigan's most celebrated race!
    Run/Walk 10 Mile, 8K, 5K, Michigan Mile & Teddy Bear Trot

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__/ Mr. Ubiquitous Reports From the HogEye Marathon in Arkansas
__/ Good Idea at Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon:  RaceKids Day Camp
__/ "Swim. Bike. Cheat?" - Sunday New York Times Has Cheating Story on Sports Front Page

__/ Track and Field Old Timers Reunion and Dinner, Detroit, Friday, June 24, 2016
__/ Mr. Ubiquitous Reports: Detroit Tiger Opener, Hogeye Marathon, Fayetteville, Arkansas
__/ Michigan Runner - March / April 2016 Issue - Online Now

__/ Michigan Runner Video Schedule - Spring & Summer Shows
__/ Great Performances - Road Racing
__/ Michigan Runner Race Series 2016
__/ Race Calendar - April- May 2016


Mr. Ubiquitous Reports From the HogEye Marathon in Arkansas
by Art McCafferty
Gary Morgan, is freshly back from Arkansas where he paced in the half marathon portion of the HogEye Marathon, dropped off a tape, and then packed for Boston.  Mr Ubiquitous is always on the move and this is just another stop on the way.

Good Idea at Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon:  RaceKids Day Camp
The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon has partnered with RaceKids to offer a fun and safe environment for your children while you're racing! The race morning kids camp will be conveniently located inside the Hyatt at the Arcade - the Marathon's host hotel close to the start and finish lines. Children will enjoy breakfast and lunch, and a full morning of games, activities, and entertainment while you're out on the course. RaceKids is fully licensed and insured, and is qualified to care for children 18 months and up.


"Swim. Bike. Cheat?" - Sunday New York Times Has Cheating Story on Sports Front Page
"Swim. Bike. Cheat?" by Sarah Lyall addresses the issue of cheating in triathlons with the story of Julie Miller.  The story references Kip Litton-- "In the United States, perhaps the most egregious case in recent years was that of Kip Litton," with a link to Mark Singer's article (http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2012/08/06/marathon-man.)

One common thread in the Miller and Litton stories is that athletes-turned-detectives developed the evidence.  The comments are also very interesting.
Track and Field Old Timers Reunion and Dinner, Detroit, Friday, June 24, 2016
The 22nd Annual Track and Field Old Timers Reunion and Dinner will honor five Michigan champions at their annual dinner.  Honorees are
*      Hayes Jones - Pontiac HS and Eastern Michigan Olympic champion hurdler
*      Courtney Brewis - Grand Valley State All American, Detroit Free Press International
       Marathon champion
*    Alonzo Littlejohn - Jackson HS, Western Michigan, high jump All American
*    Robert Bridges - Dearborn HS coach, National HS Coaches Association Hall of Fame
*    Charles Lewis, Jr. - Ottawa Hills HS, Michigan State, Detroit Public Schools coach

Where:    Cathedral Church of St. Paul - Barth Hall, 4800 Woodward Avenue, Detroit
When:    Friday, June 24, 2016
Time:    6:00 Reception, 6:30 Dinner
Sign Up:    $25 ($45 for 2)
            Detroit Track and Field Old Timers
            5764 Woodward, Suite 2
            Detroit, Michigan  48201
More info:    (248) 544-9099
            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    
Mr. Ubiquitous Reports: Detroit Tiger Opener, Hogeye Marathon, Fayetteville, Arkansas (April 8-10, 2016)
Gary Morgan, aka Mr. Ubiquitous, reports:

Friday April 8
    Today is the kickoff to Tiger baseball and being outdoors in spring. The Detroit Tiger Baseball home opener has been a tradition in this city since 1901. I volunteered to sell 50/50 tickets on behalf of the Detroit Tigers Foundation and the Detroit Sports Commission. Driving to Detroit on opening day is an adventure in itself. Just getting there at 9:30 am was an adventure with traffic jams on all the freeways leading into the city. I made it and into Comerica Park by 10 am for our orientation on selling raffle tickets the electronic way. Hit the smart phone with the order, and a receipt comes out on a mobile printer.  At 11 am, two hours before the game, over 30 of us started roaming the ballpark carrying a sign that read "50/50 tickets" plus yelling that out. It was a chilly day, yet moving around and selling tickets, I never got cold. People love to buy raffle tickets. Once I got going it never quit. We all sold until the start of the fifth inning. From there we checked back in and went below the ballpark where the money was counted with, what else, an electronic counting machine. Two minutes later it said I had sold $1760 worth of tickets. Collectively we sold over $52,000 which meant that the winner would get $26,000 plus some. It was the most 50/50 tickets sold ever at Comerica park. The previous high was $38,000. On Opening Day it seems like everyone is happy and generous. I finally got up to the concourse by the 8th inning. Ran into a friend from the Detroit Sports Commission and we talked until the top of the 9th. So I really only saw the last two outs of the game. Overall, I had a great time selling tickets and seeing an old friend. Truthfully, that's what opening day is really about-- seeing friends and doing something you love to do, like volunteering for a cause to make things better. Plus, the Tigers won. That made almost everyone who lives in Michigan happy.
Saturday April 9
    Up at 3 am and I was greeted with ice and snow on my car. I scrapped it off and headed for the Detroit airport. I had a 5:45 am flight to Dallas, then on to Tulsa. The great thing about early flights is that there is very little traffic and the airport isn't as busy. I was flying to Tulsa then driving to Fayetteville, Arkansas, since it was a lot cheaper than flying into the small airport in Fayetteville. Secondary airports can be expensive to fly into. Renting a car and driving is usually a lot cheaper. I was going to Fayetteville to pace the 40th annual Hogeye Marathon. I met the race director at the Little Rock marathon. We talked and she invited me to be a pacer. I rented a car in Tulsa and started my 90 mile drive to Fayetteville. I'd never been to this part of Oklahoma. As I observed it's mostly grass land with occasional trees. When I hit the Arkansas / Oklahoma state line I stopped at the Arkansas visitor center. The host there told me to take the scenic way into Fayetteville. It was a 30 mile drive and a good part of it was through the Ozark National Forest. I saw lot's of lakes, trees and hills right into Fayetteville. I saw on the city sign that 72,000 live here. It's become a fair-sized city since Walmart has it's headquarters just up the road in Bentonville.
    I drive to the center of town to the Chancellor Hotel for the packet pickup and expo. I got my number and shirt then talked to the pace leader about what I needed for the race. Checked out the expo and talked to the Tulsa 15k race director, the Wichita, Kansas Marathon race director, the Fayetteville Parks, the Fayetteville Events Company, and the Medal Hanging Awards Company which makes wood products on which to hang your medals. Plus, this company has the awards for the Hogeye race. Other vendors were there, too, but I couldn't talk and video every booth at the expo. Bill Rodgers was there selling his book and signing autographs. It was a beautiful day and it was only 2:30 pm. I headed out for a hike around the city of Fayetteville since I had never been here before. This is the home of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks, which are tusked hogs. The teams are called that because in 1909 the coach said the team played like razorback hogs after a big win when they got off the train in Fayetteville. The name stuck with them after that. This was on an historical marker at the old train station. Lots of my fellow Olympians came out of this school. The University of Arkansas is a world famous track school, whose renowned Irish coach, John McDonnell, is  now retired. I checked out the track and there were so many Champions and Championships on Plaques there that it was almost unbelievable.  I had the honor to be an assistant coach with him on a national trip a few years ago. His knowledge of track was phenomenal. The football stadium was another colossal building-- like most large universities.  Lots of newer buildings are on campus. This was just a fair-sized university of 10,000 to 15,000 until around the year 2000 when Wal-Mart started getting big and so did Fayetteville and the University. I hear over 26,000 are there now.
    I stopped at a used bookstore and the owner gave me the lowdown on the area. I love talking to locals when I travel because they can tell you things you won't see in a travel guide or on the Internet. Then finished my 3 hour hike around town with a quick tour of the downtown square in Fayetteville. Went back to the Chancellor Hotel since it's part of the downtown. The pasta dinner was there and Bill Rodgers was the guest speaker. Before Bill spoke, the first winner of the Hogeye marathon from 40 years ago gave the history of that first race. The first race in 1977 had 17 runners who were professors at the University. They decided to run a marathon from Fayetteville to Hogeye and back. Only 3 runners finished, there were no aid stations and no road closures. He was 47 years old and ran a time of 3:10. He's now 87 and still getting around. I'll get his name for next week's article. Amazing what running races are now. Then Bill Rodgers, who is an interesting person, talked about how he got into running and what his life was like before he became a serious runner. He mentioned many times that it's great with lots of new people running now. Around 80 people were there for the pasta dinner. It was a nice event before the marathon. I called it a night after a long day.
Sunday April 10
    Up at 5:00 am for the 7:00 am start. Drove 3 miles to the start which was in the downtown square. I was there by 5:30 so I could be close to the start area and check it out.  At 6 am the pace leader showed up with the pace signs and pace shirts. Got my 2:30 half-marathon pace sign and pacer shirt. Then we took the team picture. Over 30 pacers were there for both the half and full marathons. At 6:45 am the streets filled up downtown as over 1500 runners came out to run the half, full marathon, and marathon relay. Since this was the 40th year anniversary, I'm sure registration had increased. I talked to a few runners who came from all over the country-- runners from Michigan, California, Missouri, Pennsylvania and plenty of other states.  It was a perfect day to run with partly sunny skies and 55 degrees. The gun went off at 7 am and we all went off on a two lane street through downtown, then through the university. It was hilly just like the description said it would be. The course went through some neighborhoods and hills. Then miles 9 through 12 were flat on a river path. Then the last mile was hilly as it came back into town and circled a park. We finished in Wilson Park and I had a pacee finish a minute ahead of me and one just a minute behind me. Both of them ran the whole way with me, as did a new pacer who had never done any pacing so I gave her tips along the way on how to be a good pacer. As we finished we all got our Hogeye medal-- a cute medal with a hog winking on it. The finish line at Wilson Park was a great finish area, with refreshments, chips, snacks, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches, that were being cooked right there. Music was playing and an announcer was upbeat. Then awards were given out which were the wooden medal racks. To top it all off the weather stayed partly sunny/cloudy with cool temperatures. Everyone had a great time. I highly recommend running this race as a destination race. Plus there's a lot to do in Northwest Arkansas. Remember the Hogeye.
    In the afternoon I drove up to Bentonville, about 30 miles north of Fayetteville. I visited Crystal Gardens which is an art museum in the Ozark Forest. This is an American art museum funded and built by Alice Walton, daughter of Sam Walton of Walmart.  This place is spectacular. A unique building, built over a river, houses hundreds of pieces of American art. It has sculptures and a Frank Lloyd Wright house on the property plus hiking and walking paths. The museum took over 5 years to build and was opened November 11, 2015.  Over 2 million people have visited it. Plus, it's free to go in. Stop and see it if you're in the area.  It was 6 pm and I drove 15 miles over to Pea Ridge National Military Park, a 4300 acre park run by the National Park Service-- one of those 402 sites they take care of. This was a major battlefield from the Civil War. The battle, fought on March 6-8 1862, was called the Battle of Elk Horn Tavern. The union won and secured Missouri in the win. A trail on the battlefield used to relocate Indians in the 1830's is called the Trail of Tears. They were relocated from the Southeast to Oklahoma and beyond. This is a beautiful park with lots of history. I recommend visiting if you're in the area. Danie Matusik suggested that I visit since I was in the area and I'm glad I did.
    I called it a day. I was here for one more day. I'll tell you all about it next week. Headed to Boston tomorrow.
    Come visit Arkansas, The Natural State. Lots to do.

    Gary Morgan
    Mr Ubiquitous

Michigan Runner - March / April 2016 Issue - Online Now
    About the cover:  Desi Linden finished second at the US Olympic Team Trials, Marathon in Los Angeles, Febraury 13, 2016.  She will represent the USA at the Olympics in Rio.
Photo by Victah Sailer / photorun.net

Event Calendar
    17    2016 Event Calendar
    37    2016 Upper Peninsula Calendar
    38    2016 Triathlon and Duathlon Calendar

Features and Departments
    6    Editor’s Notes: Frozen Cat   By Scott Sullivan
    10    Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard   
    12    Spring Shoe Review    By Cregg Weinmann  
    42    Roberta Gibb, First Lady of the Boston Marathon   By Amby Burfoot
    44    Beyond the Chip: Coaching Should Develop Runners as Persons First    
            By Rachael Steil
    46    Michigan Big in Independent Running Retailers Board    By Ron Marinucci   
    47    I Don’t Want to Run Today    By Dave Foley
    48    Ultra Runner Takes Joy in Going Distance – Plus    By Ron Marinucci
    50    Club Names Michigan Communities ‘Runner-Friendly’    By Scott Sullivan
    52    Running with Tom Henderson   
    54    Michigan Runner Race Series 2016   

At the Races
    8    ASU Roommates Amy Cragg and Desi Linden Take First and Second in Marathon Trials   
    44    Super 5K Brings New Start Time, Mild Weather     By Tracey Cohen
    45    Big Bird Flies in Fair Weather, Tweaked Course     By Ron Marinucci   
    46    Run Like the Dickens Enjoys Heat Wave       By Tracey Cohen
    48    Winners Abound at Frozen Foot Race      By Mickey Fivenson
Online: Photo Gallery

Event Calendar
    26    2016 Event Calendar: Races, Group Runs, Training Runs, Clinics
Features and Departments
    3    Spring Shoe Review  By Cregg Weinmann
At the Races
    Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios except where noted
     9    Holiday Hustle   
    10    Anchor Bay Jingle Bell Run     
    10    Shelby Township Jingle Bell Run
    11    Lift for Berlin
    11    Kona New Year’s Eve Run   
    12    Fifth Third New Year’s Eve Run and Walk   
    14    Ann Arbor Running Company New Year’s Eve Run       
    14    Hillsdale Winter Opener
    15    Ididarun
    15    Auto Show 5K
    16    Houston Marathon & Half Marathon   Photos by Victah Sailer / photorun.net
    16    Chill at the Mill
    17    Ann Arbor Track Club Invitational Mile
    17    Michigan Indoor Track Series, Jan 16
    18    Michigan Indoor Track Series, Jan 29   
    20    Michigan Indoor Track Series, Jan 8
    21    Eastern Michigan Triangular Meet
    22    Armory Track Invitational  Photos by Victah Sailer
    22    Paczki Run
    23    Super 5K   
    24    Groundhog Day Marathon  Photo by Scott Sullivan

Michigan Runner Video Schedule - Spring & Summer Shows
Kona Cheesecake Run, Farmington Hills
Let's Move Festival of Races, Mt. Clemens
Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, Cleveland, OH
Fifth-Third River Bank Run, Grand Rapids            
Mackinac Island Running -  The Gault's of Mackinac Island
Terry B's Kid Runs, Ann Arbor
Dexter- Ann Arbor Half Marathon, Ann Arbor
Diemer Family of Races, Cutlerville
Pictured Rocks Half Marathon, Munising

U.S. Olympic Team Trials -  (10 Day Coverage) Track & Field Eugene, OR   

Rio 2016  Olympics With Gary Morgan, Rio DeJanerio, Brazil, S.A.
UA Plumberw and Pipefitters 5K Dash and  The Toliet Run, Ann Arbor
40th Crim Festival of Races, Flint
Great Performances - Road Racing
-- Great Lakes Loons Pennant Race, 5K, Midland,  Saturday, April 9, 2016
1st)    Spencer Waldmann, 17:39
2nd)    Zachary Hoffman, 18:22
3rd)    John Kachelmeyer, 18:38
1st Master)    Robert Rathbun, 21:23
1st & 1st Master)    Jessica McKee, 22:16
2nd)    Heather Bills, 23:35
3rd)    Rachel Rideout, 23:51
Complete results: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/54352636e4b03176bba53234/t/57095f43cf80a1b2994e4e2f/1460232003316/5K+Run+AgeGroup+Results.pdf

-- Martian Invasion of Races, 26.2MR, Dearborn, Saturday, April 9, 2016
1st)    Naseem Rayyan, 2:53:18    
2nd)    Ben Gibbs, 2:56:34    
3rd)    Timothy Smallidge, 3:00:11    
1st Master)    Terry Moller, 3:06:19    
1st)    Kelsey Bragg, 3:00:19    
2nd)    Gillan Willard, 3:21:25        
3rd)    Nancy Baydoun, 3:27:367    
1st Master)    Celeste Greco, 3:46:02    
-- Martian Invasion of Races, 13.1MR, Dearborn, Saturday, April 9, 2016
1st)    Sam Chaney, 1:09:51    
2nd)    Jacob Towne, 1:12:27    
3rd)    Bennett Prud'homme, 16:51    
1st Master)    Jeramie Carbonaro, 1:19:43    
1st)    Alex Dutcher, 1:30:02    
2nd)    Jennifer Murphy, 1:33:42    
3rd & 1st Master)    Sara Reichert, 1:34:03    
-- Martian Invasion of Races, 10KR, Dearborn, Saturday, April 9, 2016
1st)    Jon Gries, 33:17    
2nd)    Landry Bennett, 34:17    
3rd)    Austin Roberts, 35:29    
1st Master)    Steve Hulst, 39:16    
1st)    Amanda Wolski, 43:31    
2nd)    Stefanie Heyser, 44:51    
3rd & 1st Master)    Mary Dorazio, 45:24        
-- Martian Invasion of Races, 5KR, Dearborn, Saturday, April 9, 2016
1st)    Sergei Anderson, 15:58
2nd)    John Worthington II, 16:14
3rd)    Billy Brinker, 16:20
1st Master)    Roman Krzyzanowski, 16:21
1st)    Keelyn Blake, 21:54    
2nd)    Andrea Blake, 22:23    
3rd)    Alyssa Krolewski, 22:39        
1st Master)    March Sacks, 23:31
Complete Results: http://rftiming.racetecresults.com/results.aspx?CId=16365&RId=4071
-- Big House, Trail to the Victors 5K, Ann Arbor, Sunday, April 10, 2016
1st)    Dylan Jennings, 16:51    
2nd)    Nicholas Amato, 16:54    
3rd)    Mitch Gerczak, 17:33    
1st Master)    Jason Hall, 18:06    
1st)    Allie Knoll, 18:28    
2nd)    Lauren Pottschmidt, 19:37    
3rd)    Christina Draijer, 20:15    
1st Master)    Karen Fitzgerals, 23:02    
Complete Results: https://results.chronotrack.com/event/results/event/event-20462    

Michigan Runner Race Series 2016
St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown Race 5K, Detroit - March 13 (Results & standings tba)
Striders Saturday Classic 10 Mile, Grandville - April 23 - SW
Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K, Grand Rapids - May 14 - SW    
Dexter To Ann Arbor    Half Marathon, Ann Arbor - June 5 -    SE
Brian Diemer Family of Races 5K, Cutlerville - June 11 - SW
Pictured Rocks Road Race Half Marathon, Munising - June 26 - UP

Port City Run 5K, Frankfort - July 16 - NW
HealthPlus Crim Festival of Races 10 Mile,    Flint - August 27 - SE
Milford Labor Day 30K, Milford - September 3 - SE

Mt. Baldhead Challenge 15K, Saugatuck/Douglas - September 10 - SW
5/3 Capital City River Run Half Marathon, Lansing - September 18 - Central
MetroHealth Grand Rapids Marathon, Grand Rapids - October 23 - SW
Wicked Halloween 10K, Plymouth - October 30 - SE

Points for all races except Fifth Third River Bank Run & Crim:
Open (up to age 39)   
        1st= 30
        2nd= 20
        3rd= 10
Master (age 40-40)
        1st= 15
        2nd= 10
        3rd=  5
Age-Graded Senior (age 50 and up)
        1st= 3
        2nd= 2
        3rd= 1

Fifth Third River Bank Run & Crim:
Open (up to age 39)
        1st= 50
        2nd= 25
        3rd= 15
Master (age 40-40)
        1st= 30
        2nd= 20
        3rd= 10
Age-Graded Senior (age 50 and up)
        1st= 6
        2nd= 4
        3rd= 2
Ten best finishes count for Michigan Runner of the Year. If someone
runs more than ten races, the ones with the fewest points involved are dropped.
Race Calendar - April- May 2016
Thursday, April 14, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com
Saturday, April 16, 2016    
*    ABBRx Natural and Fit Day, 5KR/W, kids run, Midland, 9:00 am, Bullock Creek HS, http://tritofinish.com
*    Iola Trail Run    15KR, 5KR, Iola, WI, 10:00 am, Iola Winter Sports Park, http://greatlakesendurance.com
Sunday, April 17, 2016    
*    Crazy Run, 5-8 MR, Ann Arbor, 7:30 am, Bluffs / Barton Park Parking Lot, http://aatrackclub.org
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com    
*    Kona Cheesecake Run    8KR, 5KR/W, 1MR, Farmington Hills, 7:30 am, Farmington Family YMCA, http://konacheesecakerun.com
Monday, April 18, 2016    
*    B.A.A. Boston Marathon, 26.2 MR, Boston, MA, 9:30 am, http://www.baa.org

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Thursday, April 21, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com

Sunday, April 24, 2016    
*    Go the Extra Mile for Covenant Kids, 13.1MR/ handcycle, 5KR/W, 1MR/W, Saginaw Township, 8:00 am, Swan Valley HS, http://tritofinish.com
*    Hansons Group Run, Lake Orion, 8:00 am, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com
*    Trail Marathon & Road Ends, 50KR, 26.2MR, 5MR, Pinckney, 7:30 am, Silver Lake, Pinckney Recreation Area, http://trailmarathon.com    
*    USATF Masters 10 km Championships, 10KR, Dedham, MA, http://usatf.org

Tuesday, April 26, 2016    
*    Hansons Group Run, Grosse Pointe,6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com
Thursday, April 28, 2016
*    Hansons Group Run, Royal Oak, 6:30 pm, Hansons Running Shop, http://hansons-running.com    
*    Tri to Finish Freeland Walleye Festival 5K/10K, 10KR, 5KR/W,1MR, Freeland, 6:00 pm, Tittabawassee Township Park, http://tritofinish.com

Saturday, April 30, 2016    
*    McLaren Let’s Move Festival of Races, 26.2MR, 13.1MR/ Relay, 5KR/W, 1MW, kids run, Mount Clemens, 8:00 am, downtown Mount Clemens, http://letsmovefestival.com
*    USA Half Marathon Championships, 13.1MR, Columbus, OH, 6:15 am, OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon, http://usatf.org

Sunday, May 1, 2016
*    Burns Park Run, 10KR/W, 5KR/W, 1MR, Ann Arbor, 8:30 am, Burns Park Warming Hut, http://burnsparkrun.org

Friday, May 6, 2016
*    Ann Arbor Running Company Golden Triangle Meet of Champions, track & field , Saline, 11:00am, Saline HS Track, http://a2racemanagement.com
*    Hightail to Ale, 5KR/W, Detroit, 6:30 pm, Atwater Brewery, http://hightailtoale.com

Saturday, May 7, 2016
*    Tri to Finish Cinco De Mayo Flint, 10KR, 5KR/W, Flint, 9:00 am, Swartz Creek Golf Course/Tavern on the Green, http://tritofinish.com
*    Up to 20 Mile Marathon Training Run, 20M R/W, Okemos, 8:00 am, Hawk Island Park, http://playmakers.com
Sunday, May 8, 2016
*    Cinco de Mayo 5K, 5KR/W, Saginaw, Noon, Andersen Enrichment Center, http://tritofinish.com

Thursday, May 12, 2016
*    Mid American Conference Outdoor Track & Field Championships - 3 days, track & field meet, Toledo, OH, http://mac-sports.com/
*    USA 1 Mile Road Championships, 1MR, Minneapolis, MN, http://usatf.org

Friday, May 13, 2016
*    Sports and Fitness Expo, Grand Rapids, 11:00 am, DeVos Place, http://53riverbankrun.com

Saturday, May 14, 2016
*    Around the Park for Autism, 5KR/W, Jackson, 9:00 am, Cascade Falls Park, http://jasn-mi.org

*    Dances with Dirt - Gnaw Bone, 50MR, 50KR, 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, 100K relay, Nashville, IN, 5:45 am, Mike’s Music and Dance Barn, http://danceswithdirt.com/gnawbone-home

*    Fifth Third River Bank Run / USA 25K Championship, 25KR, 10KR, 5KR/W, teams, Grand Rapids, 8:00 am, http://53riverbankrun.com

*    Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon & 10K, 8KR, 5KR, kids runs, Cleveland, OH, 8:00 am, Edgewater Park, http://clevelandmarathon.com

*    Tour De Crim, 10MB Ride, Flint, 11:00 am, Festival Lot downtown Flint, http://crim.org/races-events/tour-de-crim/

Sunday, May 15, 2016
*    Back to the Beach Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR/W, Shelby Twp., 7:30 am, Stony Creek Metro Park Eastwood Beach, http://backtothebeachraces.com
*    Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon & 10K, 26.2 MR, 13.1 MR, 10KR, Cleveland, OH, 7:00 am, Quicken Loans Arena, aka the “Q”, http://clevelandmarathon.com

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
*    Saline Middle School Hornet Relays, track & field, Saline, 4:00 pm, Saline MS track, http://a2racemanagement.com

Thursday, May 19, 2016
*    Girls Night Out, Ann Arbor, 5:00 pm, Ann Arbor Running Company store, 2755 Oak Valley Drive, http://annarborrunningcompany.com

Saturday, May 21, 2016
*    Midland Community Center’s Dow Run/Walk    10KR, 5KR/W, 1MR, kids run, Midland, 8:00 am, Midland Community Center, http://dowrunwalk.com
*    Run Over Addiction 5K Run/Walk to Benefit Guest House, 5KR/W, Lake Orion, 8:30 am, Guest House, http://guesthouse.org

Thursday, May 26, 2016
*    Brooksie Way Training Program, 16 weeks training for 13.1MR/W, 10KR/W, 5KR/W, Rochester, 6:30 pm, various locations,  http://thebrooksieway.com/pages/training/default.aspx
•    NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Preliminary Round - 3 days, track and field, Jacksonville, FL, http://ncaasports.com
*    NCAA Division II Outdoor Track and Field Championships - 3 days, track and field, Bradenton, FL, Track & Field Stadium, http://ncaa.com/championships/trackfield-outdoor-men/d2
•    NCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championships - 3 days, track and field, Waverly, IA, Walston-Hoover Stadium, http://ncaa.com/championships/trackfield-outdoor-men/d3

Saturday, May 28, 2016
*    Alma Highland Festival Series of Races    10KR, 5KR/W, kids runs, Alma, 8:30 am, Alma College campus, http://almahighlandfestival.com
*    Fruitport Old Fashioned Days Run, 10KR, 5KR, Fruitport, 9:30 am, Fruitport HS, http://fruitportlions.com

Sunday, May 29, 2016
*    North Mitten Half Marathon and 10K, 13.1MR, 10KR, Thompsonville, 8:00 am, Crystal Mountain, http://crystalmountain.com/events/north-mitten-half-marathon-10k

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
*    Larry Steeb Meet of Champions, track & field, Dexter, 4:15 pm, Dexter HS, http://a2racemanagement.com

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