Sponsored by:Groundhog Marathon and Half Marathon, Grand Rapids, Saturday, February 6, 2016
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36th Pot O'Gold 4 Mile Run and Walk, Downtown Flint, Thursday, March 17, 2016
        "Free Leprechaun Hat to the first 500 to register"
        Little Blarney Kids Run, Four Mile Run & Walk, 6:00 pm
        After race party with great eats.  Every finisher receives a medal

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__/ Girls on the Run Awarded Grant for New Middle School Program
__/ Running Network TV:  Kiawah Marathon with Gary Morgan
__/ US Olympic Team Trials - Marathon Qualifiers

__/ Mr. Ubiquitous Reports: Houston, Kiawah Island South Carolina
__/ Michigan Runner November / December 2015 Issue
__/ Race Calendar - December 2015 - January 2016


Girls on the Run Awarded Grant for New Middle School Program
Girls on the Run of Southeastern Michigan has been awarded a $14,500 grant from the Detroit Auto Dealers Association Charitable Foundation Fund at the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.

ANN ARBOR, Mich.-- Girls on the Run of Southeastern Michigan has been awarded a $14,500 grant from the Detroit Auto Dealers Association, managed by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. Girls on the Run is a physical activity-based positive youth development program designed to develop and enhance girls’ social, psychological, and physical competencies to successfully navigate life experiences.. This grant will be able to help launch the nonprofit’s new middle school curriculum, Heart & Sole.

The Heart & Sole curriculum will target girls in sixth – eighth grade throughout Washtenaw, Livingston, Lenawee, Monroe, and Jackson counties at community centers and public, charter, and religious schools. The program is designed to create a positive, structured space for middle school girls to learn about themselves, explore new ideas, cultivate empathy, strengthen connections, and develop life skills that will help them as they move through adolescence and beyond. Girls will meet twice a week for 90 minutes after school with trained coaches, who are often teachers at the school. The structured, girl-centered curriculum, written by a team of educators, is based on current research regarding physical activity, positive youth development, as well as best practice for working with middle school students.

The program promotes physical activity (running and strength conditioning) as well as team building, setting boundaries, regulating emotions, taking a stand, making connections, solving problems, and developing empathy. Heart & Sole will be intentionally hosted at locations where children do not have to receive a ride to attend so that they can maximize accessibility and participation. Eighty-seven percent of Girls on the Run sites are hosted at title one schools that serve under-resourced, low-income families.
“In 2015 over 42% of our participants requested and received scholarships. Thanks to the continued support of local foundations, donors and sponsors we have never had to turn a family away for their inability to pay our program registration fee,” said Executive Director, Danielle Plunkett.

Program registration for the new middle school program and elementary program opened on December 7th at locations throughout southeast Michigan. For more information about Girls on the Run of Southeastern Michigan visit http://www.girlsontherunsemi.org.

Running Network TV:  Kiawah Marathon with Gary Morgan
Another weekend, another marathon for Mr. Ubiquitous. Last weekend, Gary Morgan journeyed to Kiawah Island, South Carolina for the 38th running of the Kiawah Island Marathon at beautiful Kiawah Island Resort.

US Olympic Team Trials - Marathon Qualifiers
The US Olympic Team Trials - Marathon are just around the calendar corner, February 13, 2016 in Los Angeles. Qualifying standards, recently revised because of changes in Olympic Games entry standards, are:

Men        Marathon           A = 2:15:00     B = 2:19:00
Men        Half-Marathon                      B = 1:05:00

Women      Marathon           A = 2:37:00     B = 2:45:00
           Half-Marathon                      B = 1:15:00

The final day to qualify is January 17, 2016. What's the difference between "A" and "B"? "A" athletes are provided funding support.

Michigan athletes who have qualified:

Men - Marathon A Qualifiers (total of 27):
Dathan Ritzenhein, 2:08:37 (Only Meb Keflezighi has a faster qualifying time.)
Boby Curtis, 2:11:20
Jacob Riley, 2:13:16
Mike Morgan, 2:14:50

Men - Marathon B Qualifiers (total of 59):
Brendan Martin, 2:15:39
Nathan Martin, 2:15:47
Luke Humphrey, 2:16:34
Ethan Shaw, 2:17:26
Jason Witt, 2:17:31
Stephan Shay, 2:18:08
Matthew Fecht, 2:18:19
Zach Ripley, 2:18:26

Men - Half Marathon B Qualifiers (total of 98):
Brendan Gregg, 1:03:35
Jason Hartmann, 1:04:17

Women - Marathon A Qualifiers (Total of 41):
Desiree Linden, 2:23:54 (Only Shalane Flanagan has a faster qualifying time.)
Melissa White, 2:32:37
Laura Portis, 2:33:42
Dot McMahan, 2:34:49

Women - Marathon B Qualifiers (total of 153):
Jen Rock, 2:40:55
Danielle Miller, 2:41:32
Nicole Michmerhuizen, 2:41:40
Lavenna Kubatzky, 2:42:14
Erin Heenan, 2:42:47
Nora Colligan, 2:44:21

Women - Half Marathon B Qualifiers (38):
Melanie Brender, 1:14:40
Katie Kellner, 1:14:41

For the list of all qualifiers see this link:

Mr. Ubiquitous Reports: Houston, Kiawah Island South Carolina (December 4-14, 2015)
Gary Morgan, aka Mr. Ubiquitous, reports:

Friday December 4, Houston
        Got up early to go to a Run Jump Throw event at a local school. Its a USATF event in which athletes and Alumni go out and have kids play by running, jumping and throwing objects to stay healthy and fit. Two legends of the sport came out to help; they were Carl Lewis and Allyson Felix. We all had a great time spending time with the kids and they enjoyed us coming out. Went back to the hotel and went to meetings involving associations, youth athletics, officials, and the athletes advisory committee. That evening I went to a couple of receptions put on by associations that are hosting USATF events in 2016. By then it was time to call it a night.

Saturday December 5
        Meetings were winding down since this was the last day of the convention. USATF has this convention every year and I've been to most of them since 1985. Track and Field is a complex sport with lots of different disciplines and this gets all the events together for the next year and years ahead from there. That evening was the Jesse Owens Awards dinner. This annual event recognizes the USATF best athlete of the year. This is a gala event where everyone dresses up and takes pictures together. I took a picture with Ashton Eaton, decathlon record holder, and Aires Merritt, 110 meter hurdle record holder. The dinner started and awards were given out in a variety of events-- Best Youth Athlete, Best Track Athlete, and Best Field Athlete. The Best Masters Athlete went to Bernard Lagat. He turned 40 this year and set new master world records from one mile up to 10,000 meters. The Best Female Athlete was given the Jackie Joyner Kersee Award. That award went to Allyson Felix. The Jesse Owens Award went to Ashton Eaton. Once the dinner was over people stuck around to take photos and get autographs from the award winners. What a great way to end the convention.

Sunday December 6
        The closing session of the convention convened. Almost 1000 people come in and listened to committee reports and voted to approve Law and Legislation proposals. Closing remarks were said and it was over in 30 minutes. Everyone says goodbyes and all know that we will be seeing each other at events all year long. From there I meet with my good friends Justin and Carol Kuo. We go to hike on the Buffalo Bayou Trail via some of the historic homes in Sam Houston Park. I ran in this park earlier in the week. It's a great park which the city is always improving to make it more walker friendly. From there we go back to the city and City Hall where there was a Jewish Festival celebrating the first day of Hanukah. They were giving out Kosher Beer which we really enjoyed. There was a big stage where a concert was going to be that evening. We all planned on leaving so we were going to miss it. We walked back to the hotel and all went our separate ways. Justin and  Carol went to the airport and I rented a car so I could go see a friend I hadn't seen in years. My Friend is Kevin Eastler, an Olympic walker in 2004 and 2008.  He's married and has two kids. We became great friends as I was finishing up my career and he was ramping up. He's living in Houston now and moving up the corporate ladder at GE. It was great catching up with him and his family. Great day and time to call it done.

Monday December 7
        Drove to the San Jacinto Monument on the south end of Houston by the oil refineries and shipping channel. This is a cool monument that is 570 feet tall. It's just like the Washington Monument in Washington DC, yet 15 feet taller and has a Texas star on top. It was built in 1936 to commemorate the San Jacinto victory over the Mexicans. That battle eventually gave Texas freedom and expanded the American west all the way to the Pacific. An elevator takes people to the top, so I took that ride. The view is spectacular. A museum on the walk-in level tells about the battle and the heroes of Texas. On the outside, the events leading up to the battle and what happened after the battle are inscribed on the monument. The Alamo was a precursor to the battle here. This is a phenomenal monument and worth seeing if you're in Houston.  On the other side of the park is the USS Texas battleship. It's a WW I battleship built in 1912. It was retrofitted with oil burners in 1925, served in WW II and was decommissioned in 1948. I took a self-guided tour and it was great checking it all out. Walking all over the ship and seeing how the sailors lived on the ship during the war years gave me extra appreciation of veterans from those two wars. This ship is definitely worth checking out, too. Since it's over 100 years old they were replacing wood on the deck as I toured it. It's a constant job maintaining an old ship. From there I headed to the airport and called it a trip. Dropped of the car and caught my plane home and had some good memories of my trip to Houston.

Friday December 11
        Danie and I flew out of Detroit to Atlanta and then to Charleston, South Carolina. We rented a car and drove 30 miles Southwest to Kiawah Island in the dark, so we couldn't see anything. The Island is mainly a golf resort with expensive homes and resort hotels. It's the premiere golf resort for the East Coast. We came here to run and pace the 38th Kiawah Marathon. We arrive in time for a great pasta dinner that included prime rib and roasted chicken. We picked up our bibs and shirts, then headed to the spacious house where all the pacers were staying. We all got our instructions then everyone called it a night.

Saturday, December 12
        Up early but not super early since the race started at 8 am and we were only 3 miles from the start. We all drive over to the start area at 7 am then walk over to the start area. This is a half and a full marathon. I was surprised to see that this marathon has been going for 38 years. Danie was running full-out-- wanting to get a PR since this is a flat course. I was hobbling with an injured left ankle. I had already bought my plane ticket and when it happened this week. I had to scrap the pace team gig and just hike the half marathon today. The start area was full of people. There must have been over 2000 runners. Lots of runners were taking pictures at the start/finish line. Many of the runners came to the island by bus. This island isn't that big so I could see why people had to be bused in from the mainland. I looked around and checked it out. This is a unique marathon and a pretty cool place to be running it. It was a warm, sunny morning. The National Anthem was sung and the race started. I was at the back and everyone took off. I hobbled along behind everyone enjoying the beauty of the island. I was the last one to go by the mile mark but just kept on trucking. Two miles came and they were breaking down the water stop. Someone gave me a Gatorade. As I was walking those 20 minute miles it gave me time to appreciate how beautiful this place is. Police and race personal kept asking if I was ok. I told them I was. At 4 miles I saw the marathoners heading to another part of the island and it had started to get hot then. By then the course was by the ocean and marshes next to it. The scenery was spectacular. At 5.5 miles I saw lots of runners who had turned around at the 7 mile mark and were running on the sidewalk. On this course, there were parts where you ran on the road going out and back on the sidewalk. I did the big turnaround at 7.3 miles. Finally my ankle was becoming operational and I started walking sub-15 minute miles. I finally caught up with some people after 8 miles. The half marathoners and full marathoners were together until the 11 mile mark.  I thought about walking the full but didn't want race personnel out there for over 7 hours. Plus, I would have missed the post-race party. Then the marathoners and half marathoners did the last mile together.  I picked up the pace and did the last two miles under 13 minutes walking. Finished with a 3:48. I was glad I walked that fast considering how much my ankle hurt. Got my medal and went over to the beer tent. Got a taste of that beer and I knew it was worth every step I took for 13.1 miles to get that beer. Saw Danie walking around and found out how she did. Missed her PR by 10 minutes. It got really hot here. It was 78 degrees and sunny. That weather, almost 15 degrees above normal, drains runners really quickly. Danie still got an age group award, a metal plate in the shape of the island itself. The overall winners and masters winners got wooden pelican trophies. They were awesome.  We enjoyed beer, food, and friendship with the runners for the afternoon. A great post-race party even had a buffet with real food-- salad, tabouli, pasta, bread, rolls and soup. This was a great race with a cool medal. We took some pictures at the finish line area as the party wound down and the last finishers from the marathon were coming in. We headed back to the house to clean up and a little rest. That evening we did a little drive and took a sunset picture over a small lake. Then we went to a runners' party for pizza, beer and time in a hot tub. It was fun hanging with some local runners that evening talking about all of our war stories of running. I even met a guy who competed in the 1984 and 1988 Marathon Olympic trials. It wasn't late but Danie and I were whipped and we called it an early night. What an awesome day.

Sunday December 13
        Took us both a while to get moving in the morning. Finally, we packed up and left the beautiful house where we were staying. Walking down the steps is the hardest part. We drove around the island some more and took pictures. The golf courses were fantastic and I can see why this is a championship course. We stopped at the Sanctuary Hotel and Resort. This place was amazing. It was right on the ocean. The inside was decorated for Christmas and a Christmas tree was in front of picture windows overlooking the ocean. From there we went down to the beach and walked along there. The views from the beach were great. Plus, the weather was perfect-- sunny and 70 degrees. We finally left the island and headed to Charleston. We went to Patriot Park where the USS Yorktown and other navy vessels are docked for tours. We caught the boat to Fort Sumter, the place where the first shot of the Civil War was fired on April 12, 1861. I'd been to Charleston before, but hadn't gone to the fort. A 30 minute boat ride to the fort took us through the harbor. It's over a mile from the dock area. The ride out there was cool as you could see the bridge, Charleston, and navy vessels from where we took off. Plus we saw an occasional dolphin.  I had always heard about this place and to finally come here was pretty cool.  We get off the boat and stood around to hear the history of Fort Sumter. It was a man-made island that took 15 years to build with crushed granite from New Hampshire and fill from Charleston. The fort was destroyed during the Civil War and rebuilt since then. Lots of history involved with the island about the war and harbor would fill a book. It was a great tour and history lesson. With the boat ride the tour took two and a half hours. I highly recommend going there when you're in Charleston. When we got back we checked out the Cold Warsubmarine memorial that is a replica of a submerged submarine in the ground with information plaques along the way. It takes special people to take on submarine duty. As we leave the park we see floats getting ready for a Christmas parade in the town of Mt. Pleasant which is where this park was. We go over the Cooper River Bridge which is officially called the Arthur Ravenal bridge after a congressman who helped to get it built. It's a magnificent bridge that hosts the Cooper River Bridge Run every year in April. Once we were in downtown Charleston we walked along the river in Memorial Park. It has a couple of beautiful fountains and a water taxi dock for boats coming from the other side instead of driving like us. We even walked on some cobblestone streets that George Washington probably walked on in his days when he visited here. We had dinner on a rooftop that over looked the US Customs House. We could see the Christmas Parade fireworks on the other side of the river. It was an awesome view from there as nightfall came over the city. We had a light dinner and then headed to our hotel and called it a night.

Monday  December 14
        Got up at 4:30 am and headed for the airport for our 7 am flight home. Dropped off the car and got on our flight for a direct flight home. What a great three day weekend in South Carolina. I highly recommend going to the Charleston area and checking it out. There is lots to see and do plus there are great running events.

        Keep running and exploring America; all the Miles are exciting.

Gary Morgan
Mr Ubiquitous

Michigan Runner November / December 2015 Issue
The Michigan Runner September / October Issue is online now.

Event Calendar
        32      November / December 2015 Events

Features and Departments
                6       Editor’s Notes: The Gift
                        By Scott Sullivan
                9       Running Made New Again
                        By Dave Foley
                12      Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard
                13      Michigan-To-New York Run Nets More Than $20K for Charity
                        By Ron Marinucci
                18      Beyond the Chip: Tempting Fate
                        By Laurel Park
                19      My 100-Mile Quest
                        By Tracey Cohen
                25      A Timely Debate: Can You Outrun Father Time?
                        By Anthony Targan
                29      Seven Years Cancer Free – and Still Running
                        By Bill Kalmar
                37      Running with Tom Henderson

At the Races
                7       Mt. Baldhead Challenge Brings Sun, Smiles, Success
                        By Scott Sullivan
                8       Hock, Foley Find Ways to Win Brooksie Way
                        By C. D.  McEwen
                10      Drier Dances with Dirt Still Tests
                        By C. D.  McEwen
                14      Schulist Shines at Soggy Spartan Invitational
                        By C. D.  McEwen
                16      Girl Power Abounds at Detroit Event
                        By C. D.  McEwen
                20      EMU Celebration Features Runners from 15 State Schools
                        By Scott Sullivan
                22      Kenyans Claim Crim, State Runners Fare Well Too
                        By Charles Douglas McEwen
                23      Runners Enjoy Perfect Weather, Beautiful Course at Crusader 5K
                        By Laurel Park
                24      Storm Adds Rain, Electricity to Melon Run
                        By C. D.  McEwen
                26      Labor Day 30K Veteran Thrives on Hills
                        By C. D.  McEwen
                27      Friends Wolski, Gryniewicz Run Wild Together at Detroit Zoo
                        By C. D. McEwen
                28      Dapper Partridge Dashes to Red Carpet Victory
                        By C. D.  McEwen
                30      Broyles, Desilets Claim First Wins at Kensington
                        By C. D.  McEwen
                30      Plumbers & Pipefitters 5K, Pub Crawl Support Semper Fi
                        By Charles Douglas McEwen
                31      Krzyzanowski Brings Broom to T-Rex Tri, Cleans Up
                        By C. D. McEwen
                31      Run for Chum Half Marathon
                        Photos by Dane Robison
                35      Glow in the Park
                        Photos by Carter Sherline

Online Photo Gallery
                2       Auto-Owners Spartan Invitational
                        Drone video still by Alex Harrison
                5       Cereal City Triathlon
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                5       Run for the Hills
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                6       Island Lake Triathlon
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                7       Run for the Rolls 5K
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                8       Run Michigan Cheap, Battle Creek
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                9       Run Woodstock
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                10      Mackinac Island Eight Mile
                        Photos by Greg Sadler / sadlershots.com
                14      Embrace Life 5K
                        Photos by Greg Sadler / sadlershots.com
                14      Run Wild for the Detroit Zoo
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                15      HealthPlus Brooksie Way
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                16      Oakwood Red October Run
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                17      Run for Wine
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                18      Sandhill Crane All Trail Half Marathon
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                20      Detroit Free Press / Talmer Bank Marathon
                        Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios
                22      MetroHealth Grand Rapids Marathon
                        Drone video still by Rudy Malmquist / mindutopia.com

Race Calendar - December 2015 - January 2016
Wednesday, December 16, 2015
*       Sleigh Bell Shuffle, 5KR, Grand Rapids, 6:30 pm, Eastown Striders store, http://www.stridersrun.com

Thursday, December 17, 2015
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs track & field, Ypsilanti, 7:00 pm, Eastern Michigan University, http://mitstrack.org

*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs track & field, Warren, 7:00 pm, Macomb Community College, http://mitstrack.org

Thursday, December 24, 2015
*       Playmakers Holiday Classic, 5KR/W, 9:00 am, Eagle Eye Golf Course, Bath, http://runsignup.com/holidayclassic/

Thursday, December 31, 2015
*       Fifth Third New Year’s Eve Family Fun Run/Walk, 5KR/W, 1MR/W, Detroit, 3:30 pm, Belle Isle Casino, http://belleislefunrun.com

Sunday, January 3, 2016
*       U.S. Cross Country Skiing Championships - 4 days, 10K, 15K, 30K XC Ski, Houghton, 10:00 am, Michigan Tech Nordic Skiing Center, http://nordicchampionship.oreg

Thursday, January 7, 2016
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs track & field distance classic, Warren, 7:00 pm, Macomb Community College, http://mitstrack.org

Friday, January 8, 2016
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs track & field, Ann Arbor, 6:30 pm, University of Michigan, http://mitstrack.org
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs track & field, Mt. Pleasant, 5:30 pm, Central Michigan University, http://mitstrack.org

Saturday, January 9, 2016
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs track & field, Allendale, 1:00 pm, Grand Valley State University, http://mitstrack.org

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs field - sj, hj, pv, Grand Rapids, 6:30 pm, Cornerstone, http://mitstrack.org

Saturday, January 16, 2016
*       Gazelle Sports / New Balance Elite Mile, HS 1MR, Allendale, 1:00 pm, Grand Valley Kelly Family Sports Complex, http://mitstrack.org
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, track & field, Allendale, 1:00 pm, Grand Valley Kelly Family Sports Complex, http://mitstrack.org
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs track & field, Ann Arbor, 7:00 pm, University of Michigan, http://mitstrack.org
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, track & field, Grand Rapids, 10:00 am, Aquinas College, http://mitstrack.org
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, track & field, Hillsdale, 11:00 am, Hillsdale College, http://mitstrack.org

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs field - sj, hj, pv, Grand Rapids, 6:30 pm, Cornerstone, http://mitstrack.org

Thursday, January 21, 2016
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, track & field, Ypsilanti, time TBD, Eastern Michigan, http://mitstrack.org

Friday, January 22, 2016
*       Michigan indoor Track Series, hs track & field, Ann Arbor, 6:30  pm, University of Michigan, http://mitstrack.org

Saturday, January 23, 2016
*       Bigfoot Snowshoe Race, 10K, 5K snowshoe, Traverse City, 9:00 am, Timber Ridge Campground, http://runsnow.com
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs track & field, Saginaw, 10:00 am, Saginaw Valley State University, http://mitstrack.org

Sunday, January 24, 2016
*       Brooksie Way’s Chill at the Mill 5K, 5KR/W, Rochester, 9:00 am, Rochester Mills Beer Company, http://thebrooksieway.com

*       Dave’s 10 Mile Shoe Run, 10 MR, 5KR, Delta, 2:00 pm, Delta High School. http://davesraces.com

Friday, January 29, 2016
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs track & field, Ann Arbor, 6:30 pm, University of Michigan, http://mitstrack.org
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, hs track & field, Grand Rapids, 6:00 pm, Aquinas College, http://mitstrack.org

Saturday, January 30, 2016
*       Michigan Indoor Track Series, track & field, Hillsdale, 11:00 am, Hillsdale College, http://mitstrack.org

Sunday, January 31, 2016
*       PoHo Hot Cocoa, 10MR, 10KR, 5KR, 1MR, kids run, Port Huron, 8:30 am, McMorran Junior Arena, http://elitefeetrunning.com

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